Linsoul Shipping Times

Does anyone have experience purchasing from Linsoul?
I am trying to complete a new setup, and they are taking forever to just ship the product.

Would love to hear other people’s experience with this company

Last year it took them 2 weeks to get the product from china to europe. This year I made two orders end of January, still don’t have them.

So i would use premium shipping in future orders to get it before Christmas. :smiley:
Seems like one order maybe here next week so only 4 montha.

I ordered the Aune X8 almost a month ago. Every time I contact them, they tell me next week. They refuse to refund me as well.

Every Chinese seller is having the same problem. There’s only a small percentage of flights during covid19 so the parcels have to wait to get in one of those. That is standard mail. DHL and similar companies will be faster, but also are taking more time than usual. It is what it is.

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I just wish they were more honest. They keep telling me they are testing it (yeah, sure) just tell me that there are shipping delays

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I have been seeing a lot of complains in Headfi as well regarding Linsoul.

This will be the only and last purchase I make through them

Linsoul…2 weeks from China to the UK this was in April 2020 during Covid UK full lockdown.

Edited…It was through Linsoul UK Amazon store.

I will use probably only their amazon store as it is much easier to cancel the order and get refunded. Pitty is that I want custom plates on thieaudio l3 so that might be my last purchase directly.

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I would have done that, but I couldn’t find x8 anywhere on amazon

Thanks everyone.
It looks like I need to research/choose another dac for my setup, since I don’t know when/if this will ever arrive…

Topping E30 is great, which is why I wanted to cancel this the first time… and it shipped from Apos directly from China through DHL… two days after ordering.

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Good callout.
I have a little more flexibility money wise, so I’m looking at a step up, BiFrost 2

I mean I don’t mind waiting and I understand the situation. The thing is that after 4 months I almost forgot what I ordered or probably don’t need it anymore. I would just appreciate a bit of open communication from their end.

It also made my move to more expensive gear a bit faster as I prefer something that is in stores in Europe or on amazon now for buying. But iems are a bit tricky.

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I’m sure I speak for everyone here.
Delays are fine and happen, being transparent and communicating with your customers is what we REALLY want

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What did you get?

I am in the…market, you could say

You mean what I ordered in January?
I bought Blon b08 headphones and thieaudio voyager 3 to try a bit more neutral iems.

Since then I bought beyer t5p, sundara and hp3 and klipsh amp/dac so dont need those blons anymore.

I mean I am still super noob so I am just trying to find what works for me.

Same (brothers in ignorance)
Trying to create/upgrade my setup too

I even have to look into preamps soon for my records (too much and confusing)

Indeed. I had som kind of upgrade path in mind from reading about gear here than I finally registered and ask an opinion on that path and basically M0N set me for much different path and saved me some chunk of money I would say.

Let’s see :smiley: