Linsoul TIN HiFi P1's or Fiio FH5?

Hey all,

Im fairly new to the IEM game and headphones in general comparatively to most of you. To cut to the chase, I’m looking for an IEM that I will use for the years to come. I am not a fan of having more then one of really any single electrical items (ei. computer parts, speakers, mics.) so im looking for an IEM that will make me thoroughly happy, im very good at taking care of my items because I want them to last.

After all my research and review watching lol ive came to the bases that im either picking up the P1’s or FH5’s. The FH5’s are about 100$ more expensive but if they take the cake then id rather spend the money now then later.

I listen to mainly rock/ rap/ sometimes classical, and lots of podcast (not that that matters i dont think). Mainly while im walking or running or working out. I need something that will fit amazing in the ear and wont come loose or fall out (Priority 1 over sound) - then as long as they have decent bass and clear treble ill be great. Also prefer a much wider sound stage, I like hearing detail.

Id love to hear your responses or even just your quick reviews/ overall thoughts on the two if you have one of either pair or both! Keep in mind that I will be running these off my BT FiiO BTR5 Dac/Amp, also have a 2.5mm Trrs Balance Cable Connector/ Comply Foam Eartips (thinking about ordering DeKoni cause why not)/ and custom Linsoul Upgrade Cable (On the way). Links of all my items will be included below. Thanks for the help!





Tips (Foam)

You’ll want the FH5 for Rock & Rap. The P1 would be the better choice for classical since it does not have the bass response the FH5 has. I’d go FH5 unless you’re a detail freak.

FH5… Bass & fun!

P1… Detail

I want to pick up the FH5 to finish off my preferred Fiio collection (already of the FH7).

If you choose the FH5, you probably won’t need an upgrade cable. My FH7 cable is awesome! Fiio’s accessories are usually fantastic. The FH5 comes with a bunch of tips to try.

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Any reason why you’re only considering Fiio? There’s a lot out there and with chifi making a big scene, your options can be cheaper than both the P1 and the FH5, while achieving similar or better sound quality.

If it’s durability and longevity you’re after, then I understand why you’re looking into the P1 and FH5 as they’ve been around for a while now (and Fiio has a larger global presence as a brand compared to smaller chifi brands, which may net them better QC). However, you might want to look into non Chinese brands for better support over the long run. Etymotic or even RHA have excellent warranty periods and their IEMs are built like tanks.

From what you are considering though, I would spend my money on the FH5 and be done with IEMs til they break. The P1’s are apparently sensitive, which makes them less versatile (as you now need to consider what you’re driving them with) but that shouldn’t be a problem with your BTR5.

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Thanks a lot for the response! I have the P1’s on the way but idk I might have to return them an cough up a little more for the FH5’s because i do really enjoy bass in my rap over detail. They arn’t here yet so i defiantly have time to change my mind if need be.

Huh, well im defiantly not opposed checking out other brands, like i said im defiantly new to the scene. These two happen to best fit what I like an where some of the first to appear on my radar after the 1More Quad Drivers that amazon lost in shipping which led to more research which brought me here.

I did check out a few other brands for sure but it just so happens these came out above the other for 1 reason or another. Ngl mostly cost to performance, i wouldn’t say im a picky listener as long as it isn’t bad but i do like knowing that im not missing out on anything if its something ill be putting to good use.

Im about to look into the Etymotic and RHA to see what they offer, thanks for the advise/ response!

I own the P1’s and although they do have some bass, they don’t in my opinion cater for the bass head, sub bass crowd. I use them at my desktop and on high gain on my day.

Consider reading the ikko oh10 thread, also a good choice. Maybe starfields with a more balanced spread. Also, I belive blon 03 are good for bass.

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Oh man i forgot about the Ikko OH10s! I live in ohio how could I? I did really like those as well for 200, might have to bring that back into the mix. Thanks for the response!

The Fiio FH5 is a great product from a well known brand. I’d purchase with confidence. I don’t own the OH10 but I’ve heard great things as long as you don’t mind an IEM heavier than Thor’s hammer. :wink:

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Lmao, are they that heavy? Ill have to look into it lol before hand. And yeah that seems to be the consensus. I guess you could expect that from the extra 100$, comparable to the P1’s with some slight trade offs/ benefits. The OH10s are supposed to be super lightweight and 50$ less than the FH5’s so imma do some comparing to see what best fits me. Thanks for the response!

Watch this video and hear Z talk about the OH10 and how heavy they are…

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Sweet, love me some Z reviews. Ill give this a watch in a few minutes! Thanks for the video/ response!

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P1’sare really excellent but need desktop levels of power to truely since, with dare I say an EQ of +6db to the bass region they are sublime.

To be honest though if you are just starting out in IEM’s checkout the Blon Bl03 then go from there, you can’t go wrong since they can be had for $26 and will inform you on your tastes.


One thing for me the P1’s are the hardest set for me to get to fit well, once settled then they’re a real treat but not something I’d be happy using in the gym etc…this’s obviously individual but none of my others sets offer me this challenge…just a thought :+1:


Do keep in mind that the p2 is gonna come soon and it looks like the fit issues are gone (judging by the pictures).

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Do hope so, It’ll be interesting to see where they go with the P2… oh so often ‘Part Deux’ goes so very wrong? lol.

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Thanks for the reply! P1’s just showed up along with some 1More Quads (I thought amazon lost it so i requested a refund a week after, apparently it was just sitting in our apt office lol. So now i have two pairs of quality earbuds.

Off bat without burn in, i by far prefer the P1’s for fit an finish over he quads and yes the BTR5 has to be cranked to 40 but it still sounds great, people where right i haven’t heard to much bass but they do sound amazing. Imma run a few hours on both before i decide to sell one. Might have to pick up the FH5s since i got lucky like this.

I didn’t see the BL-0Ns review until after ordering unfortunately but if these are that much better I have a feeling Im not gonna have to worry about it lol. Thanks for the response/ advice!

Really i just got them, instantly through on some Comply tips (smalls) and they slide in like butter for me. Incredible fit actually. I have yet to find a single pair of normal earbuds that actually sit in place and stay there. The foam tips really sealed well. The 1More Quads really dont fit well at all, the cord is to short to wrap over ear and the shape really doesn’t allow it to sit correctly with the back end kinda sticking out and drooping.

Other than that yeah these are great so far without break in, ill give it a few hours and check back on em.

Might have to cop when they come out (maybe), just got the P1’s and im not too sure what people are talking about fit, they fit incredibly to me. Maybe its just my ear shape but that bout made me cream when I first put them in with my small Compy tips. Thanks for the response!

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Didn’t even know P2s where coming out when looking, welp they’re already in my ear lol. I can always sell em for the P2s if theyre worth it.

As others have said Chifi seems to mess up their V2’s, so I wouldn’t hold your breath and enjoy the P1’s :grinning:

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