LinusTechTips Collab AMA

Hey guys! Saw a thread and a lot of talk about the LTT collab so I figured I’ll do an AMA for those who are curious about the video or my work with Abyss.

For some background:
-I own a marketing company and work with Abyss as a client. They’re phenomenal people who have never asked for promotion on my channel OR me to say anything kind about their products. That said I do believe in the quality of what they’re making and enjoy working with them. I also try to separate as best I can my marketing company from my reviews to avoid any kind of bias. I hope my transparency helps but that’s of course up to your judgment as viewers.
-Linus was NOT paid by myself OR Abyss to do the video. They wanted to hear a “mind blowing” experience and that’s it. I hope the open communication i’ve built with LTT will let us collaborate in the future on some budget setups as well.

SO! I guess that’s it! AMA! I’ll respond for as long as I can!


What did you think Linus reaction was going to be, and did it line up?

What’s an ama? Is it like a Q&A?

I figured he would like it but I was worried how he would react about the price. He went into the video blind including price. When I started to say something he said “AH AH AH NO NO NO! Wait till the cameras are rolling I don’t wanna know anything yet!”. Over all I’m really happy with how it all went.


AMA is “ask me anything”

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Oooooooh! Anything huh? When it comes to music besides English you hear any other language?

Like Spanish, German etc. Just curious

Not when I was up there. Though Josh did tell me to lookup a Spanish song at one point I think lol. My Spanish is rusty though so I need to practice if I want to understand any of it next time.

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Do you think you will appear in more LTT videos? A guide to budget high grade equipment from a major youtube channel would be nice. The PCMR often isn’t as MR when it comes to audio despite spending hundreds in other components.

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I hope so. In the future I want to talk about the ultimate budget setup. Mid, interface, dac, amp, headphones, etc AND help revamp their home-theatre but we’ll see. Maybe one day.

How long did Linus and his people film? And did you get to go out and get food/drinks after?

Haha I’m curious as to what song it was. Probably despacito or something. Secret time… Ya think Linus will eventually get those headphones? I mean he has money, and he really really liked them lol

How about doing a pitch to them? They seem to be receptive to suggestions for new videos

What other work have you done with your marketing company? Were you able to pitch to Linus the audio budget video?

We probably filmed for an hour and a half. Everyone ate individually before and it was a crazy busy day but I hungout with Linus and the crew for the rest of the day and learned a LOT from them on how youtube works. Jake and some guys went with me to a place for dinner that had an AMAZING chicken sandwich.

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I would have to look back to remember. I’ll see if I can find it.

Also he did lol.


I actually just texted him and was like “hey you wanna do a video on something crazy?”. Things just kinda worked out from there.

Wait he liked the headphones or are you saying he bought them???

I haven’t pitched the budget video. Probably going to try sometime next year to pitch it. Other work I’ve done has been in video form. Some ads for Cadillac, Sony, Warner brothers, and a number of music videos for big artists in the Country scene. Maren Morris was someone I had the pleasure of working on projects for over the course of several years.

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He now owns a pair after having heard them.