List of speakers that have caught my interest

As I’ve discussed with M0N, I’m looking at getting some speakers for my set up. Listening to music while I’m moving around doing shit or don’t feel like using headphones and watching movies/videos from the other side of the room is probably more along the lines of what they will be used for. The room is roughly 11’x12’.
Speakers I’m considering:

  • JBL 104: Cheap, coaxial, decently small. The rear-firing port is a mild concern as I am in a dorm, and I don’t feel like pissing off my neighbors that much.
  • Edifier R1700BT: Decently priced, bluetooth, remote control. Slight angle leads to questions about placement, but not as much as a lack of competent reviews.
  • Edifier e25HD Luna Eclipse: black model is >$190, interesting design, decent reviews. However, only having 3.5mm optical/aux and BT4.0 along with a horific touch control and bad remote design are (needless to say) concerning.
  • Vanatoo T0: Well reviewed, small, sub-woofer connection, bluetooth, and decent remote control. However, these are the most expensive, and tend to be a pain in the ass to find on sale.
  • iLoud Micro: Small, inconspicuous, lots of options for it’s size, bluetooth, distortion limiter, effecient. Not exactly planning on using near field, so I guess you could say I’m concerned about using them in the room acoustically.

Anywho, I’m more looking for input on how these compare to one another, and for suggestions that would be better suited for my space.

*Edit: I’m not going to bring up sound demos, as I know there are some of you who seem to find them abhorrent and misleading. However, as I don’t exactly have a place I can go to sit down and listen to any of these options, I don’t exactly have another way of hearing what they sound like.

Out of the list I think the T0 would be the best overall speaker imo, and with the Micro behind it (with the T0 having the more enjoyable tuning too imo). So personally I would take the R1700BT over the luna eclipse unless you really love the look of the lunas. While I personally don’t prefer the 104, it is a pretty nice speaker for the price

Also I’m assuming you want to stick with powered speakers?

Preferably. If I can reasonably get passive speakers that would work better, and an amp that would give me comparable options, I’m all for it.
I’m not super crazy about how the Lunas look, but I do find their look interesting… that control interface and remote are borderline deal breakers though.

Also you may be able to find a good deal on some Klipsch R-41PM or R-51PM speakers which might work for you. Fluance Ai60 are pretty nice too. The Kanto YU4 is also a good feature rich option

I personally still think the micca rb42 and a topping pa3 would be great too

Those 51s are gonna be out of what I’m willing to spend… The T0, and YU4 and R-41PM are going to be pushing it as it is.
For the AI60, is it worth the extra $80 over the AI40?

I think so yeah if you aren’t planning on integrating a sub

Not now, at least. Perhaps at some point in the future.

If the purchase does not have to right now you can always save more.
Vanatoo T0 and Klipsch R-41PM have that subout so it’s a nice feature later if thinking sub later on.
Vanatoos might have more tuning or adjustment possibilities. If PC is source does not really matter.

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Yes and no. I’m still considering using the line out of the XDuoo TA-10, which would be fed by the computer. If there isn’t a remote for or volume knob on the front(side in case of the Edifiers), I may just put a pre-amp in the line, for which I’d be considering the OL Switcher and Nano Patch+.

I will say one big advantage of the popularity of Klipsches is that I frequently find them on sale for 50% or more, especially on Adorama as of late. In addition, they are easier to find on Craigslist or AVExchange.

I’ve got my issues with Craigslist, but I’ll check out AVExchange. For the area I’m in for school, I’m kinda out in the middle of nowhere 3 miles from Canada northern Maine. For back at my folks place down in Texas, everyone seems to think their shit is still worth new price after owning it for years. Hell, I saw a guy trying to sell an old AMD FX quad core computer with a GTX 550 Ti for $400.
*Edit: Do you mean r/AVexchange?

why does Kanto get missed so often? the YU6!!!

Not missed, just not as front and center lol (I picked the YU4 because it would be more inline with his budget)

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Like @M0N has pointed out, the YU4 is more comfortably in my budget both in terms of size and price.

Yes sir, the reddit /r/.
If you are patient enough, I would just wait for an Adorama sale. I got my RP280FAs for $699 and I can see them worth a lot more than that even though MSRP can be BS at times too.
That’s just an example though because I saw the RP-600s on sale at times too.

Oh joy… I guess I’ll have to make an account…

The Klipsch R-41PM aren’t on Adorama. The passive R-41M are.

I think the YU4 have been the more popular speaker from them as well due to it’s price and not being overly large. I got the YU6 from a friend that runs an audio shop in Vancouver and he says the 4 are his fav and most popular seller too.

@M0N @Marzipan @Veritas @MadGman
As of right now, I’m planning to buy a bunch of crap while off on Christmas break. I’ll be earning ~$1080 (Rough estimate) from a job I’ll be working.
Items I’m planning on purchasing:

After that comes the speakers and the RCA cables(pre-amp if I go with the iLoud Micros). Either way, I may replace the U-Phoria UM2, giving it another shot, OR go up to a Scarlett Solo.
Sound decent?

Edit: added Ori pads


I think if you don’t want to mess around with it the scarlett solo is a good choice

Just as a heads up, I upgraded/swapped out my cable and tips very soon after using my BLONs. I guess it depends how much you hate either part, but they both bugged me (and commonly others too).
I also swapped my tube very soon after getting my XDuoo as well.