Listen to "Occult" on TIDAL

Check out this track on TIDAL: “Occult” by Stoned Jesus

Why do we have to listen to it on TIDAL? And why are you creating separate threads to encourage us to listen to individual tracks on TIDAL?


Then don’t listen to it

Why are you asking so many questions LOL you either listen to it or you don’t

He’s suggesting you do what the rest of the community members do, to make this a better place to be.

Because your shilling for TIDAL is beyond obvious, man. We’re audiophiles here – we don’t like to be told which service to use to listen to our music.

Some of us use vinyl. Others CDs. Others FLAC files. Others Spotify, Apple Music or Qobuz. Some of us even use TIDAL and its dubious MQA. It’s all good.

Suggesting we listen to certain tracks is one thing. Insisting that we listen to them on a certain service is blatant shilling.

And if you took the time to look through the forum, you would find threads dedicated to new music, such as this one that’s within 10 threads of the top of the index this morning: Listening to tonight (Part 2) - #554 by Dobbs

Instead, you had to create separate threads for each track you wanted us to hear – on TIDAL only, of course! That’s not information; it’s borderline advertising and forum litter.

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The Listening to tonight (Part 2) thread was created with the specific intent to be a place where users can share and discuss what they are listening to.

Music is emotional and it’s easy to get excited and want to share that with others. We Get It, this forum is full of enthusiasts. With that in mind we would like to ask everybody to please be considerate and keep those posts together in the provided thread vs. random one-off topics. This helps others by making it easier to search and by reducing clutter.

Thanks !!


I can care less about Tidal just happened to be the format I was using at the time

I’m not an audiofile. I’m a human being.

At least your anti-woke and you realize it’s a throw up situation LOL

I might have to leave this site there’s a bunch of retards on here for real

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