Listening Chairs

Do you have a perfect chair for listening to headphones or speakers? I don’t…give me some ideas!

I don’t have…but pretty sure it’s gonna be something Herman Miller!

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Stressless chairs anyone?

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never heard of them before, but pricing seems inline with a number of Herman Miller products.

Also know a few people with Knoll chairs, and they love them too much imo. Its just a chair.

interesting, seems Stressless doesn’t allow advertising of their prices, you have to call their partners to find out. guess they are out of my range, LoL!

Typically in the 2-6k range

the stool is not in the frame for nicer composition


How do you like it? I can’t seem to find any place I can try an eames

I guess I should say that I have a human touch perfect chair (powered) that I got for a good deal and it works pretty well. That’s about all I need

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it´s hard in munich to find a dealer- tried it at a friends place and loved it

not easy to get out with my 125kg
as long as you are in it, it´s wonderful - the stool helps a lot with longterm comfort

heritage, design, comfort and build - can´t ask for more

as long it is not someones budget, the ikea “POÄNG” comes in many different materials and is also quite comfortable - has a huge following

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You need to go buy some jbl L100’s to match imo. heritage, design, sound quality, atheistic

IDK why but I can totally see both in the same room

Edit: or some Klipsch heritage

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yeahh the JBL L100´s in orange(rock n roll style - love it! Would be my thing, not my budget atm) saw it in Berlin but did not ask for a listening session

and the Klipsch Heritage - wow also a good idea

Wait, what about these

I remember seeing these a while ago

I have 2 Human Touch Perfect Chairs for my movie watching and listening needs.


Is this a original Herman Miller Eames?

yes it is the original

looks nice yes, but I don´t know davoneaudio

so wish I had the monies for furniture like that. I know it’s totally worth while, they just don’t die and can become family heirlooms!

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