Looking for 1st set of IEMs

Hi all.

So my old Sony WH1000s (MK1) have finally died and I ended up in the rabbit hole of Chinese IEMs.

What would you recommend for 80s/90s music (pop, Dance, Britpop etc) as well as general listening to Apple Music on an iPhone…. I’d say max cost £400 (£500 if you include the 20% vat (sales tax))…. Works out to be $550 before tax

That’s easy:

Unless you need bluetooth, you should also buy:

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Mangird Teas get a whole lotta love (pun intentional) here, so maybe check out…




+1 for the Teas. Take the extra bucks for a nice cable and tips. Teas are tip dependent.

You should also check Thieaudio Oracle :slight_smile:


Cheers, they were ones I were thinking about.

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Which would you recommend?

I’m still tip rolling but so far I like spinfit CP100/145, Azla SednaEarfit Xelastec and my favourite so far are Radius Deep Mount.

My biggest difference was when i replaced the stock 2Pin cable. The one that Teas come with narrows the soundstage for me.


I guess I’m easier to please than others. I found nothing at all wrong with the stock cable and tips that came with my Mangird TEAs. Plenty of detail, fantastic mids, nice sub-bass, and gobs of soundstage.

Was going to pull the trigger…. Then I read the reviews of linsoul and Yun express :woozy_face:

I got mine from Aliexpress, everything went fine and got them around 1 week later. Linsoul might be cheaper at the moment. There’s also a bundle if you interested.

Ended up getting them of Ali


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Honestly for that price I’d recommend getting a few cheapo IEM’s first to figure your taste.
If not, some great IEM’s at the 300+ price range are
Fiio FH7
Mangrid Tea
Sennheiser IE300 (wait for the 600?)

On this list which one you think has the best bass? I’m looking for something in this price range. I have a FH3 and BL03 at the moment.

Look up some reviews of the IE300’s.


What does “best bass” even mean to you?

Most quantity?
Fastest and tightest?
Most textured?

Quality over quantity mindset or the opposite?

Texture and quantity. I like the FH3 bass but I still miss a little more of texture and quantity, in this order.

Fd5 has more texture but less quantity though.

Those criteria are very hard to fulfill…

I think the IE300 might do more texture with equal quantity, judging by my own FH3 (only just got them a few weeks ago :smiley: ) and IE300 reviews

When in doubt and on a budget (or have a lot freaking money) regardless, one answer from me who owns a set, BLONS!! BLON BL-03s! Replace the cable and ear tips with better ones like Xinhs for the cables and E Types for the tips and you’re good to go. Enough said, still a must have IEM to this day.


Blon hypetrain! BL03’s or if you’re a real rich baller the BL05s’s