Looking for a good bang for buck bluetooth transmitter

Looking for it to have aptx at the very least and bluetooth 5.0. Dont know what kind of budget to give it.

I’m also wondering the same thing. The search features of amazon are complete garbage, so no way to look for those specific features and the place is half full of Chinese scams .

what do you define as bang for buck?

I’m sure you can get cheaper but this would work well

that it fulfills it job well without paying extra for bells and whistles

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that’s a little pricey. but that’s not the problem I have with it. The problem I have with it is that it uses the same exact stock photos of most others on amazon, which makes me worry its a fake product or at least a subpar one.

Honestly any of them work, I would be weary of a quality one under 50 bucks working well

just check and fake spot doesn’t rate it well, but that site is not the end all be all. so who knows.

found this dont know if its any good

It prob would be just fine, and since it’s from amazon if it ends up being bad you can fairly easily return it

ok thanks for the help

I’ve tried a couple and landed on this. I use this, and I believe Zeos does as well. The range is insane like 150ft or something. It’s bluetooth 5.0 but doesn’t do ldac but aptx hd & aptx ll is pretty good for my use case. Also you can use it as a DAC or an ADC.


I went thru this exact dilemma a few months ago and with some research, experimentation and advice from folks here finally settled down w/ the Bludento brand.
I have been very satisfied w/mine, it has a useable Dac built in, which I happen to bypass, it has all the essential connections, the bluetooth has not let me down at all, it is very simple to use, I have had no issues at all with it, and the only thing i needed was to get a really long usb cord for the location i wanted to plug it into. I can genuinely vouch for this 1 chinese made product. Very pleased with the features and quality.

how do you buy it? I only see a description on there site?

I found both bludentos on Amazon

Amazon, look for it on amazon, for some reason i can’t link from my tablet😤

I bought my Bludento on eBay and I like it too :slight_smile:

Curious to stream bluetooth to it and plug the RCA outs straight into my new JDS Atom headphone amp to see how good it sounds.

I already did tests with an AVR, here’s my little review.

There’s also this with XLR outs (!) But I haven’t tested it.

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Thanks for sharing this information!