Looking for a good chill headphone

I have the DT1990 Pro and I am looking for something not as analytical as them. Something more warm and more chill I guess. I use my 1990s for everything and I want something just to watch YouTube and talk to my friends. I would like to have a bit more bass and more warm sounding. Under $400 would be great and there are so many headphones that I’m getting overwhelmed. I have heard the 58x is good and the SHP9500s are good as well.

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Warm and relaxing. Can just throw them on and not worry about an amp or anything else.

I love my 58x as well so I can support those.

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58x is bae. if you want something that’s better to maybe not feel like you have gone too back and want better bass i suggest the audioquest nighthawks. Still can find them for 300 or so nowadays. But if you prefer to stay on the lower side of the budget the 58x is still bae

?.. 🔶 Beyerdynamic TYGR 300 R

the 58x is one of the most relaxing headphones I use that would be my pick.

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hmm, warm and chill in the $400 range with more bass.
Fidelio x2 hr is very warm smooth and bassy SHP9500 doesn’t have as much bass and is brighter
Meze 99 are warm wide and chill,
Tygr 300r which I just recently auditioned, you can find that review here 🔶 Beyerdynamic TYGR 300 R
I won’t say 58x is warm it lacks a very bassy presence it does have a nice sub bass to it but it’s very balanced and I would say the HD 558 has that more bassy feature to it instead of the 58x.
Argon mk3 T50RP from Modhouse very warm and very lovely bass
KPH30I super budget friendly very warm
Aeon open x, when it’s on sale, warm V signature with a rolled off treble.

Hmm, just a suggestion though but if your not a fan of such an analytical headphone you may be better off switching to the T1 as it is more laid back with a rounder bass, responds well to tube amps and balanced setups with which I personally use a liquid platinum amp with nos tubes and it really brings out that bass, it is a little brighter than the 1990 though you can change the pads or dampen them with an insert.

Nice but they’ll need a tad of power so depends on what the OP’s using to drive them?

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Hmm, this is a good point as he didn’t list if he was using an amp and dac.

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no way jose, lol. I think the 58x is the perfect example of warm. it’s not super colored so warm neutral is more accurate but come on. It’s got decent bass but def not as much slam as others and obviously excels in the mids. However i will agree that it’s balanced


Oh sorry, I am using a topping d10 and atom amp

Eh, I just feel imo that the 558 has more bass presence. Both are nice though.

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Hmm, That may be an issue for a argon as they are fairly demanding to sound their best, it will power them just again… not to the best result, and skip the T1 recommendation as they are in the same boat… The rest of that list should work just fine

haven’t heard the 558, i’m sure that’s a fair statement. but i wouldn’t call the ksc 75 dark because the sundara is brighter catch my drift? to say the 58x isn’t warm because other headphones have more bass just don’t sit right with me

I just found it very balanced instead of warm ya know? Not in comparisons just as someone who owns one as well. I brought up the 558 cause I felt in comparison at that point it has more warmth and bass to it instead. Perhaps I could have wrote it better.

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gotcha, altho headphones can still be pretty balanced while leaning in one direction no? i mean i consider the sundaras very balanced and personally neutral but i know alot of people that call them neutral bright, etc. but i getcha now fair enough

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That is a good point and I probably should have clarified that in that regard yeah I would see 58x as more neutral warm as I already consider sundara neutral bright seeing as how that treble is raised and sparkly

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I am also of the opinion that Nighhawk Carbon would be what you’re looking for.

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If your looking for something on the level of a DT1990 id recommend a EMU headphone 450$. very nice bass and great sound:


The Fostex is also warm bassy headphone its comes in order of bassyness: ebony, teak and purple hearts versions. unfortunately they arent manufactured anymore. all can be found used for around 300$

I’m feeling you. DT1990 is a pain when listening to youtube dialogue, it require your attention at any moment and it’s annoying, even at low volume. Same for movies. 2 days ago I was watching Chernobyl and the dialogue has this annoying sheen on almost every word.

For youtube dialogue I use studio monitors, and I can do whatever i want and not being bombarded with sound.

SHP9500 are great for youtube dialogue/discord, but only that, otherwise they are garbage because of the grainy timbre.

I would say 660S or TYGR 300R.

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