Looking for a pair of true wireless

Is there any recommendation for a pair of true wireless with a mid toward sound tuning? Or simply something that vocal at least doesn’t sound veiled or recessed.

You might want to take a look at this: RikudouGoku's Database (IEMs/Earbuds/Headphones Ranking list) - #7 by Rikudou_Goku

Thanks for the link. Although I only have wired iems.

Then you can check out this: crinacle's IEM Ranking List – In-Ear Fidelity
That one features some tws as well.

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I have bought a pair of Hibys WH2 Blutooth IEMs because they boast of LDAC capability. They arrived two days after Hiby annouced that their first batch is ready for shipping. This was very good.
But unfortunately I did not manage to get them working correctly: I can only pair an Android device with either the left or the right bud but not both together.
Does anybody know how the get them paired correctly as a stereo pair?

I’m waiting for mine too arrive as well, contact Hiby on their Kickstarter page, they usually respond.

I had posted my problem already and yes, thea responded. Following their instruction I could then pair the earbuds first with my phone and after a new setback and fresh start this time with my music tablet.
I wish they had included this in their manual too that basically had not given me a clou.

I have difficulties to get the LDAC codec working on my Samsung Tablets. I only get it on a Huawei P30 Pro (but not stable) but not on a Galaxy Tab S6 and not on a S5e, the buds always fall back to SBC in developper options. (My only remaining DAP, a Pioneer XDP-100R is too old for LDAC and gives me “only” aptX.)
Can I do something to get it working on the Samsungs?

Spotify + Wavelet app = improved audio experience. Tested with WF1000XM3. Wider soundstage and cleaner mids. Need to set specific profile for ANC on or off mode though.