Looking for a warmer good cheap amp

I got a high treble amp (schiit magni) and a neutral amp (Sp200) and now i want a warm amp. the opposite of treble amp, make sense? I heard the Liquid Spark is a warmer darker amp. I would love a amp for when i get a set of headphones that have a treble thats a little bit much. Like the Aivas or the Ebonies. Any recommendations?

Well, you said it, liquid spark is what usually gets rec’d for that. It’s a good, cheap, warmer amp.

I wasnt sure if it was warmer. but thanks. Was hoping for a warm amp on par with the the SP200 though

Maybe look at the liquid carbon x, that’s about $300, though. Specifically says non-fatiguing, so, warmer sound.

Those are the only ones I can think of though.

Aren’t tube amps warm amps?

I think in general, yeah, they’re supposed to make upper frequencies less fatiguing. I know mine is.

How do they handle bass?

I think it depends on the amp. I haven’t done A/B-ing between the tuba and the rnhp yet, but, I’d say the bass seems fine to me, maybe slightly less slam than before, but not recessed. I read in general, tubes can make bass more uncontrolled and boomy.

I got this theory that tubes add distortion or something to the signal. its old tech. but its a kind that makes it sound more full. So it sounds like the older crappy audio devices we used to use. Gives people that old sound. So the treble isnt gonna be as good and the bass isnt gonna be that good as a new SS amp. but it will have a sound people will like.

That’s what I thought, until I tried the tuba, and it made me speechless. I’d say what it did was make the music more natural and lifelike, never heard vocals and instruments sound like that, and I didn’t notice a loss in detail at all in the treble. Completely destroyed any and all preconceptions I had about tube amps. It could just be the tuba. I don’t know about other tube amps. I know the nighthawks sound really pleasant on it, but the aeolus scales off of it like crazy and sounds absolutely amazing, so much better than any solid state amp I’ve tried. It certainly doesn’t sound old and crappy, and I have no nostalgia for stuff that sounds bad. :crazy_face:


you talking about this amp?:

he is - 10 char… limit

This looks like an intriguing amp. full tube but can be used for low impendence headphones. probably an upgrade from the dark voice and bottlehead crack. and no off putting name lol

I would say it’s an upgrade from the 336se and the crack for sure, it does will with both higher and lower impedance headphones as you say, but if you plan on using planar I would still consider a solid state or hybrid

And remember, not all headphones sound the same on tubes, and different tubes do different things. Zeos was reviewing the Sviga SV006 and usually a tube makes the headphones wider with more bass, but they did the exact opposite to those. Less bass, and slightly more treble, and narrower.
But yes, Planars are not good on tubes as a general rule.

When do you think you will get your DV336SE?

lemme see. ordered it Jan 24. “placed an order with the vendor” it says. so it hasnt shipped yet… :confused:

You know on your transactions page for drop, it gives you the estimated shipping date.
And the actual drop page

Estimated ship date is Mar 17, 2020 PT .

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Mar 17, 2020 PT :confused:

I hope you weren’t holding your breath =/.
It didn’t sound like you were too excited about it anyways??