Looking for best Headphones + Dac/AMP

Hello, i’m new of the forum. My name it’s Vito and i have 30 years, from italy.

Recently i made an good upgrade about my computer and now i would to like to get an good upgrade about the audio. I’m looking for the best in fact of competitive gaming (fps mostly) and music too. Looking around in this forum i have read that an good headphones would be the TYGR 300, it’s really worth it? and what dac/amp would be perfect with it? The budget isnt an problem.

My current setup its: HD 599 and motherboard B360 HD3 Gigabyte.

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Welcome to the forum!

What is your budget? Without knowing that, it’s hard to make any recommendations. They’re is much much better headphones out there for gaming than the TYGR but it’s all going to come down to what price range.

400 € for headphone + dac/amp would good enough?

What games do you typically play?

Overwatch 2 ; Warzone… etc…

Hm Tygrs would give you an idea of a HP with more soundstage and decent do good imaging that can work from your Mobo but a cheapish DAC amp combo like the zen DAC air should get the most out of them if you’re willing to invest the 100€ into it

Otherwise @Falenkor gaming guide should give you a good oversight of the market and the strong points of some HP :wink:

So those games have a lot of verticality and for that reason, I think going with a cheap planar like the HE400se and a simple DAC/amp like the SMSL C200. I would avoid super cheap DAC/amps because they tend to have really poor channel separation and that can make imaging a lot less accurate.

If going with the HE400se, I’d recommend getting non angled and deep pads like these pads in 115mm: https://a.aliexpress.com/_mrmZGXW

It basically solves the vague center image and expands the stage but not too much.

Past that, use PEACE APO and EQ to the oratory preset for Harmon and you’re in a really really good spot.

Sticking to dynamic drivers is going to lose most of that vertical imaging and it’s really not worth it in my opinion when for around $125 you can get the HE400se with those pads. They have a drastically wider and taller stage than basically everything in that range and I can’t stress enough the importance of the pads both for comfort and accuracy. You’d stay in budget, get a very clean DAC/amp with great channel separation, low noise, and high dynamic range with plenty of power to make up for the negative preamp needed for EQ and a very capable pair of headphones with planar detail and verticality.

You’d have enough left in your budget for a decent Paracord wrapped cable that’ll last you a long time and not be microphonic like the cables that come with most headphones. And all your bases would be pretty well covered.

With HE400se and smsl c200 how the music it will plays? i mean it will be good?

Absolutely. The HE400se with EQ are really good for the price. Without EQ they’re pretty lacking in the bass, but they take EQ so well there’s no reason not to EQ and get that bass back.

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Thank you very much, i got the he400se now im waiting for the smsl c200. Another last question: The smsl c200 should be connected via usb right?

“should” is kinda relative. You can get more performance using coax from a DDC like an SMSL PO100pro but yeah, you’re ok with USB. If you get a DDC, you can get rid of noise introduced into your audio by the USB not being isolated from your GPU so imo worth it in the long run for how much it costs.

So i should buying SMSL PO100pro for max performance right? Sorry im so ignorant about sound stuff

I also have a similar needs. After reading and watching tons of articles/video, I finally decided to purchase the HE400se over the HD560s. For the DAC/AMP, I am fond of the DX3 pro+ at first, but gave up after seeing all the weird noise issues. Then I am deciding between the SMSL SU-6 + SH6 vs SMSL C200. I don’t mind the price difference nor two devices stacked vs two-in-one, I just want the best sound quality of this price range (under $300).
I generally listen to pop, girl vocal, nothing special really, causal gaming and Movie.
Any advice or recommendation is appreciated. Thanks guys

It would definitely help but I wouldn’t say it’s mandatory. If you have a noise problem or just want to give it a shot down the line it’s a worthwhile upgrade.

@CallMeDoublelift the c200 is honestly the only cheap combo unit I’d recommend and I think it could still be better than the SH/SU-6 stack but it’s to hair splitting territory most likely and if it’s that close and your headphone demands are reasonable, might as well go for the C200 for convenience.

Im buying the c200 from Linsoul.com and i saw that they are shopping from china ? There’s an way for to be sure that im getting an real c200? Thank you

I ordered my from aoshida-audio.com and their customer service is great. I asked them about the shipping time and import tax stuff, they replied to me less than 24 hrs. And I just received the shipping track number, the delivery ETA is next Tuesday.

Nobody is making fake C200s. You’re fine.


i finally got both c200 and smsl po100pro , how i should connect everything? with the headphone ? (and coaxial cable)

I mean how It s should be connected With an coaxial With smsl 100?

Since I can’t post a new topic this seems like a good place to ask.

I run all my consoles (Xbox Series X, PS4 & Nintendo Switch) through my TV’s Fiber Optic line into my RME adi-2 then into my Topping A90 to listen with my variety of headphones (Hifiman Sundara’s, Sennheiser HD6XX’s ect)

Stupid question but what do I set my audio settings to on each console? I’ve assumed Stereo but is this right or should I switch it to Dolby Digital? And what about each game I play? Usually in every game I run I set the audio to either Stereo or Headphones.

So should I be running the audio from the console audio settings in Stereo then whatever game I’m playing go into the audio settings and switch to Stereo or Headphones or run the consoles audio in Dolby then in whatever game match it with Dolby surround? I’m really confused what to do that’s why for the longest time I just assumed running everything in 2ch Stereo but now I’m not sure. I don’t wanna be missing out on full audio immersion.

Sorry for posting here I just couldn’t post a new topic and have been looking everywhere with no straight answers. I’m going crazy.

Thanks in advance for looking even if nobody replies.

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