Looking for bookshelf speakers to pair with Schiit Ragnarok 2

Hi there,

I’m trying to do research into building a desktop hifi set to accompany a computer I’ve been building. I have a balanced dac and have been looking at integrated amps to go with it (my headphones came with a balanced cable along with a 3/4 in jack cable but the Dacs headphone amp only takes single ended). I’ve been doing research on integrated amps and have been really considering purchasing the schiit ragnarok 2.

Unfortunately I am… still quite in the dark about how amps and speakers work and headroom and stuff. I’m starting to get a grasp on it but I’ve got a long way to go.

Right, the question. Sorry. It seems the speaker puts out:
8 Ohms: 60W RMS per channel
4 Ohms: 100W RMS per channel

And I’ve been looking for speakers that pair well with these specs.
I’m thinking of getting the Klipsch RP500M but am unsure if they would work with them. Would they work well or are there any other speakers anyone would recommend over them?

The RP600m is great and would work just fine. You should just make sure you aren’t going to push them up against the wall, and other speaker placing techniques, and there should be no issues

Yeah. Speaker placement might be an issue, I think. It’s a long desk that’s about 2.5 ft deep but because of room size the desk is backed up against the wall. I can give the speakers maybe 6 inches of space. Maybe 10.

If you don’t mind more bass then normal, there shouldn’t be a big degradation of fidelity or something like that. I would possibly if you are worries about that look for a speaker with a front port

Do you think acoustic treatment on the wall behind the speakers might help with the bass?

It would help, but you can’t replace pure space behind the speaker. Personally I would say you would be fine as long as you don’t mind a slight bump in lower frequencies. I would be concerned if you only had like 3 inches or less behind the speakers, but 10 should be just fine imo

Thanks for the advice on speaker placement, I would never have figured that out. Though I seem to be waffling a bit as to my choice of speakers again, lol. (I saw Zeos’ review for the RB42 and am seriously considering them for the price, but I am unclear as to what Low Efficiency means and how that will affect how well they will pair with the Schiit Ragnarok 2, so I’m doing a bunch of research as to what that all means.)

You should have no issues with the rag 2. Low effency typically means a speaker is harder to dive and will require more power to get louder compared to a more efficient speaker. The rag 2 is pretty overkill for the rb42, and I think there are better speakers out there for the level of performance like the rp600m, Bowers & Wilkins 607, or KEF Q350 you might be aiming for. Don’t get me wrong, the rb42 is great for the price, but tbh I think they aren’t as good as the 600m or other aforementioned options

Yeah that’s true. A concern for me however, is trying to balance the size of the speaker with desk real estate. By the time my pc setup is done it will pretty built up (dual monitor, various equiment like a tablet, editing tools etc) and I’m worried I wont have the space to place them on the desk.
Also the BW607s are 800 dollars in Canada, not including HST. wow.

Well, didn’t know you were coming from canada, sorry about that then

The KEF’s are excellent on a desk, and pretty decent size wise

If you are looking for rb42 size, check out the Jamo C91 II Concert, as Z just reviewed them and thinks they are better then the rb42

Also perhaps look at the KEF Q150

Yeah, I’ve been seriously considering the Jamos. Sourcing them up here is an issue however so I might have to import them from the states.
Kefs are more reasonably priced though and I can get them through amazon.

Can you mount the speakers or stands for them in the wall? Sitting speakers on a table at any sort of volume just turns your table into a resonator starting at about 450 Hz down.

I’ll have isolation stands and I’m getting studio monitors now

@PABastien-hello am new here and realize this is an ‘old’ thread-- I have new Ragnarok 2 just the amp and new Yggdrasil GS I paired them to a set of Legacy Audio Studio HD monitors wonderful combo-- the speakers are hand made in Springfield Illinois weigh 32# each and are only 14"x11"


Those are pretty nice, it’s not often I see someone rocking legacy :+1:

@MON-- Thank you-drooled over these speakers for 20 years and then my CFO let me get all of that ‘stuff’ as she put it “your last rodeo/system”



I know a few people from legacy, real nice folks over there

Are the pro 7 monitors any good?

Which pro 7 monitor lol