Looking for budget neutral IEM's

Hello everyone
I am looking for some neutral IEM’s under 50$ to use with my LG V30.

  • I listen to jazz, acoustic, instrumental, funk, soul, hip hop and a few prog rock albums from time to time
  • I am a bit sensitive to sibilance
  • not looking for a ‘‘fun’’ factor but more natural and intimate if you will

thank you for the help in advance

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Final E2000’s.

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Hi and welcome to HFGF :smiley:

I don’t think I personally own a “neutral” IEM but as @Marzipan say’s the Final E series is worth looking into, my E4000’s are probably the most neutral I have…

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E1000 is the neutral Final iem and fit the budget :+1:

second the E1000.

Although the E2000/E3000 are bass boosted so they will suit hip-hop more.

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i see so the best option is Final E1000. How do those compare to say Sennheiser CX 300S since i can get them for about 35$ ?

I had the CX200 (or 300 dont remember) like 8 years ago. And they cant compete with current offerings at all.

where are you located? Amazon.com (USA) has the E1000 for $29.99.

I am located in Europe so i will order from amazon.de which is the closest to me

looks like they’re about 25 Euro?

something like that yes so i will be ordering them and see how they sound :grinning:

thank you everyone for the recommendations


eet ees ouwr pleesuure. :smiley:

Other than the Final Audio E1000, in the neutral-ish category, there are the:

Tin HiFi T2 (similar to, but with more treble than E1000)

Moondrop SSR and SSP (SSP has more bass)

Tin HiFi T2 Plus (not Pro)

Jade Audio EA1 (same as FiiO FD1)