Looking for cable

I went searching for quality cables, and could not find what I needed (6.3mm to angled 3.5mm) in a high enough quality and length (2 meters).

Finding the right connectors was easy (yay, Neutrik). Leaves the cable.

The cable needs to be rather special. I got Fluke TL175 leads and they have the most amazing silicone cable EVER! You have them stuffed into your pocket or tool bag, take them out and they are just straight. No kink, no curve, just gravity goes down, we go down.

I want that sort of cable!
Looking arround, silicone cables don’t seem to exist for audio. Rubber and soft PVC, but no silicone.


Note: Available in Germany, less than 5€ per meter

Neither are silicone, but both are high flex:
Sommer Cable Stage 22 Highflex

Cordial CMK 222 Flex

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This is a pretty nice cable.
You can have it arrow straight, no tangle or curves.
Using same cable with upper surround with XLR connectors. It has flex, got few tight corners and wire hidders. No issues.

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That is all I wanted to hear. So Cordial to the rescue (again)!

Will order both, and then use what I like better.