Looking for closed back headphone upgrade

I’ve owned pair of sennheisers 598 hd ,Ivory open back for 3 years.
I want to upgrade to closed back ,Due to sound leakage ,Me on the go all time for work.

Budget 300 bucks
I’ve had my eye ,on Meze 99 classics.
I know there Noir model, on drop but there backordered for months.
Are these good ,Or is there other good alternatives.

I prefer over the ear headphones
Im on phone ,Sorry for crappy ,Basic grammar and punct!

The meze are a good option if you like bass and a very warm and fun sound signature. They are also fairly comfortable. The DT770 80ohm is also a good option and has a wide soundstage.

The audioquest nighthawk is also a very interesting sounding semi open headphone that does not leak much sound

Edit: if you have a powerful headphone amp, the fostex t60rp is a good semi open.


B and O h6 are really good easy to drive closed backs within your budget

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Also a very good option, a very balanced sound and portable

the meze 99 classics are a great pair of heapdhones if you want something tuned to cater to more mainstream audiences lie fi you listen to R and B , hip hop, edm , or pop. they are still great for everything else those are just the genres I think they pair well with. and basically the reason why they are my next cans because I need a good clsed backs for those genres.

I refuse to buy anything Beyerdynamic,If it has no replaceable audio cable.
I would try beyer if they made headphone ,with detachable cable they dont.

Semi open not to keen on ,I listen to mainly Progressive Rock stuff
Like Genesis,Yes,Rush ,Dream Theater,Haken Etc
And rare Obscure bands ,You find on Progarchives website
And hard Bop Jazz ,60s era and Jazz Fusion 70s.

Meze sound like best bet so far

if you want something really detailed the ATH MSR7’s are pretty good too.

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It’s above your budget, but the beyerdynamic dt 1770 or 177x go have a detachable cable

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they do they are just more expensive, or the custom one pros and the custome one studio.

Im Progressive Rock Junkie

the fostex , or the H6 might be up your alley then

Yes, the studios are basically the 770 with a detachable cable and tunable bass ports

the h6 has a somewhat balanced presentation leaning toward warmer mids and warm incredibly tight bass. and a smooth presentation all around.

im not bass guy im more mids and highs guy
which h6 there bunch on amazon btw?

Well the meze has alot of bass and midbass, so…

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As long as it’s the B&O H6, it should just be a different color of the same product

whichever b and o h6 you want the only thing the differentiates them is price and color they all sound the same. if you like highs the h6 is known to have very smooth somewhat “veiled” or I would say just unemphasized high leaning towards more for the lower mids in warmth. if your ore a mids and a highs guy check out the akg K553. awesome mids and highs presentation with some nice soundstage.

B and 0 H6 and Audio Technicas are 2 i may choose from
Thanx to both you ,For your valued Time,Opinions and Suggestions

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Just gonna warn you though the msr7s are not very forgiving headphones if what your listening to is recorded badly it will for sure let you know.

i own pair akg k-240 not big fan of them tbh.