Looking for closed headphones with wider soundstage vs mine Beyerdynamic Custom Game. /w Dragonfly Cobalt DAC

Hello guys,

Short question cuz Im confused, which headphones will be better vs actuall mine Beyerdynamic Custom Game? I saw someone recommend DT770 PRO 80 Ohm which I can get, but these are even cheaper than actual mine.
I have Dragonfly Cobalt DAC which is pretty good.
I want to get headphones without microphone so MMX 300 2nd are out, unfortunately.
Some people recommended also Argon over MMX300 but I can’t find specific model. the name argon doesnt show headphones, and I dont know if someone mean T60RP argon or mk2/mk3?
Here is the sublink: Best closed back headphones under 300? (music/gaming) - #10 by C-Bass

Im also considering Focal Elegia even tho they are so expensive, but if they will be really best and works nice with my DAC I could think about it…


cobalt is decent but doesn’t drive alot… 770 will be better than custom game despite being cheaper… custom game was created for gaming purposes but it took quite a bit off the 770s unfortunately… 770s are essentially the custom game but in its whole form so to speak as it has its full sound signature back… 250 ohm 770s are at their best but I don’t recall if cobalt can drive them, I would ask for some verification from someone who owns the cobalt currently. as for mmx300 this is the exact same as a dt 770 but reeled in to lower ohms(less you get one in 600 ohms then it actually is better than 770 but these are special ordered in another country) with a mic… the main differences are primarily slightly different sound signature… regardless dt 770 is the better deal between all of them. Custom series and 770 are essentially side grades with the 770 being the better option.

as for argons, argons are a modded headphone available through MODHOUSE AUDIO… they are the T50RP or T60RP modified and sound signature changed. Would absolutely not recommend these for competitive gaming whatsoever due to their bass response being far too much.

As for the elegia, it depends on the game but elegias have a more balanced ever so slight V shape to their signature… the issue with them is mainly in the soundstage is its very narrow and doesn’t do well in larger games where sound stage can really shine. Outside of the soundstage but are very good headphones though.