Looking for examples of headphones that sound different from HD6XX, with at least decent sound isolation

Hi all,
TLDR: I’m looking for something budget to mid-fi that doesn’t sound like a HD6XX/or isn’t a relaxed warm-neutral sound signature (doesn’t have be ‘audiophile’ sounding), and ideally having at least some from of sound isolation or less leakage than the 6XXs that I cannot use at night. Already looking at DT 770 250ohm/Modhouse Argons. My budget is ideally under $300, but can stretch to around $500ish if there is something worth replacing the 770 or Argon. Thanks in advance for your responses!

Longer request: hello all, this is my first post, I’ve been primarily running a budget analog setup with my HD6XX running through a Magni Heresy hooked up to my MacBook Pro (planning to get an external DAC soon, probably a Modi), as well as an IEM setup of a Moondrop Starfield/Fiio FH3 for mobile/nighttime use. I think I have a relatively strong grasp of what a ‘relaxed’ sound signature is supposed to sound like with a rolled-off high and low end on the 6XX, but am wondering what examples of headphones are there (ideally closed-back) so that I can use in a quiet/or nighttime setting to not disturb others in my living space. I am not quite sure what I want to be honest (mostly due to my lack of knowledge) other than that I’d be happy to hear about anything as long as it sound DIFFERENT than my 6XX, and are able to be used in a quieter environment. My budget is around $300 (I can stretch if there is something noteworthy within reach), and I already am considering Argons (primarily interested in its ‘fun’ factor and forgoing sound leakage concerns) and the DT770 250ohm (seems to be my nighttime option from initial research), and if there is something that sounds distinct from those two (cheaper or a bit more expensive) that would be a different listening experience for me, I’d be really excited to hear it! Thanks for reading my text wall, I just don’t know where to go with my lack of knowledge/skepticism of other forums/articles, and can only offer my thoughts of listening to my Senns for about a year. My music preferences are all over the place, with J-Pop/anime OSTs, game OSTs, Pop/Rock from the 70s to mostly early 2010s, jazz, and classical. I did get into HiFi looking for midrange/vocals, and I think I’m pretty satisfied with what I have right now for that. I am unsure if what I am looking for is supposed to be leaning more analytical or more fun, again, my understanding of HiFi is primarily based off of the 6XX. Still, I don’t feel like I know anything at all even after hanging on Hifi Guides forums and following audiophile DMS/Zeos/Josh for about a year since I got the gear I have right now, so feel free to correct me if I ask questions and you see something wrong with my outlook on audio stuff I own or am looking to own. I would say my ears don’t seem to be as sensitive as others in these forums, so I haven’t really perceived much of a difference at all sound signaturewise in my listening experience with changes such as using a Darkvoice, or comparing Tin T2s/starfields/FH3 with perhaps a bit more emphasis in the highs for the T2s.

Take a look at EMU Teak,Denon 5200, and Fostex 610. Closed backs V shaped that are great compliments to something like 6X0. Should be around your budget, especially used

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Sounds good, this is really helpful! How would you say these compare to the DT 770, just more detail and extension or a different listening experience entirely? I’m not really familiar with measurements and don’t really get much from reading articles that don’t directly compare the headphones. I’m also not able to test out headphones myself, so the basis I have for a V-shaped sound signature is the ATH-M50x, which wasn’t to my liking (doesn’t mean I’m not interested in a V-shape).

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The Fostex family are much warmer than the DT-770, meaning they have more mid-bass and lower-mids. The broad strokes are otherwise similar, but the Fostex family is better in every way. The treble is more refined than the DT-770, the mids are less recessed, and the bass is both fuller sounding (because it’s warmer) and higher quality. I should also mention that the raw bass quantity might be less than the DT-770 depending on which model or wood you get (purple heart wood is the most bassy).

As for a more specific description of the kind of tuning most of the Fostex family has, they are very well extended in the bass (overall quantity changes as previously mentioned), warm, recessed upper-mids, forward treble, and decent air (upper treble 10k and up).

Another thing is the Fostex family are all semi-open, meaning they do not isolate fully. They are not as bad as the sennheisers in terms of sound bleed, but someone in bed next to you could still hear your music. If you are not within 6ft/2m of someone they likely won’t be able to hear your music.

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