TH-X00/TR-X00/E-MU Teak/Denon biodynamic general discussion

It looks like that $100 off sale price is to move through inventory:

I would have recommended the Ebony if they were still available in the USA because I own and enjoy them quite a bit. At one time I was also considering the Mahogany as well, but I was able to pick up E-Mu Teaks. It’s a shame they won’t be selling these any longer as I think they are really good headphones for the price.

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Yeah, and the purplehearts are a bassheads dream lol, just really nice fostex biodynas. I wonder if they will keep dropping the e-mu’s on massdrop

I don’t remember what they called the model, but they also had a T50 variant with multiple pads that was canceled due to lack of pre-purchases. I had considered it, but I already had Argons on order at that point. I’ve only seen the e-mu’s listed twice in the past 2-3 years. I easily may have missed them for one or more listings, but I was waiting for them for quite some time. I had to settle for their version with attached cables, which I wasn’t crazy about, but they sound really great so I can live with it

Ah, the T-X0 because apparently they were fairly mediocre, but I thought they were making a new one?

I am personally pretty mad about missing this one, because it looked great, but instead I went with the NAD D3045

The purplehearts are better for bass imo, but I agree that the ebonys are the overall more refined headphone

I don’t think I knew what a Sprout was at the time of that drop, but I have since bought a Sprout 100 and absolutely love it. The headphone amp is surprisingly good, and it does everything I need to power my near field LS50s and turntable. Really great little device

I really like to rec the sprout since it’s a super solid package all around. It’s only weak point is with very high end speakers or a large room with inefficient speakers

I’ve read that it’s not powerful enough to get the most out of the LS50s, and that may be true in a large room, but it’s more than enough for near field to my ears

Yeah for nearfield there should be no issues

Well, M0N, I had just settled on picking up the TR-X00 Mahogany as my next set of cans, only to find out they’re sold out and discontinued. Based on all your positive comments on the Purplehearts, I have ordered a pair of those instead. This has blown my headphone budget for the next few months because I just ordered a Jotenheim with the Multibit DAC, too. Ah, well, hopefully this combo will keep me satisfied for a while. I’m hoping they’ll be like a more refined version of the Dekoni Blue but still lots of fun. If I don’t like them, I’m gonna blame you. :wink:

(j/k - I really appreciate your contributions here and overall, your opinions seem to align with my impressions)


Well they are very fun I have to say, and I hope they align with your preferences. If the bass is too much, you can get different pads that better control the subbass

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On the topic of pads for the purple hearts, I would recommend ZNF Ori pads in lambskin. They reduce the midbass just enough, don’t affect the subbass in any way I can tell, and are super comfortable.

is there anything else that’s a real bass monster in this price range? open and closed.

You could get the em-u teak or other woods, or the Denon d7200 or d5200 or others. The fostex th610 also still exists

DT770 250’s driven properly kick well on a budget level

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yes…I’d love the D5200 I think…but it’s almost a grand here in Canuckistan, so no go. :frowning:

and reading on the EM-U, it’s not well reviewed.

The em-u teak is mainly what I am talking about. A fair amount of people prefer it to the th-x00 line

Also the creative aurvana live is a great way to experience a biodynamic at a good price

That’s true, but I think the fostex or biodynas are a step above in that regard imo

Agreed …:+1: