Looking for headphone good for gaming under 200$

I’m looking for headphones with good imaging and quite wide sound stag for under 200$

I Play r6 and csgo
I’ve heard that the 58x are good for gaming but i don’t know if it’s the best at its price range i’m gonna use an amp probably the schiit magni tell me if that a good amp

Well, for what you describe, the dt880 600 ohm sounds exactly what properties you want. Would you be using this mainly for gaming, or a mix of gaming and music? And what is your preferred sound signature? The 58x does have good imaging but can be lacking soundstage wise, and I think the brighter signature of the 880 can help emphasize spatial queues, and the 880 is better at recreating a space and pinpointing sounds in that space. The 58x can do this, but not as well. The 58x is more tuned for music, and while the 880 wasn’t designed with gaming in mind, it’s signature and properties work very well for it

Regarding the amp, I wouldn’t recommend the magni 3, but the magni heresy is pretty good (but their modi dacs aren’t that great). What is your budget for a dac and amp?

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mainly gaming i listen to rap/pop and my amp budget is around 120-130$

Hmmm, you might want to bump your budget to 150 for the fiio k5 pro, as the 880 600 ohm are somewhat hard to drive (dac and amp combo). Do you might a brighter/more treble oriented signature?

as long as the imaging is good i think i’l get the 880 600 ohm

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Yeah it’s really good, I don’t think you will be dissatisfied lol (as long as you get and amp and dac along with it)

do you know any good amp/dac’s

The fiio k5 pro I mentioned above would work well and fit nicely in your budget, because with something like a mangi heresy and a topping d10 (since they haven’t made a new modi yet and the old one isn’t that good) it would be more expensive but if you could fit it in it would be pretty nice imo

I much prefer to use a beyerdynamic for r6 and Cs go than the 58x so +1 for the 880

with the d10 do you control the volume with the pc

So the d10 is only a dac, and what you would do is you would max your volume in windows and control it with the heresy (the amp)

ok didn’t know it was dac

Yeah so you could get the k5 pro which is an all in one, and the d10 + heresy stack for a dac and amp combo

Do you think i can start with a k5pro and when i have a bit more money i can buy the d10

If you get the k5 pro, you don’t need a d10, because the k5 pro has a built in dac that’s already pretty good, so it does offer better bang for your buck. You could upgrade down the line if you wanted to

is the fulla also a good dac/amp or do in need more

I personally think the k5 pro sounds better than the fulla, I think it’s worth it to spend the extra for the k5 pro

do you think a dac is needed

The k5 pro comes with a dac inside so no, you would already be getting a pretty good one

i meant that if i get a amp and not a dac/amp do i need to get a dac