Looking for high ish efficiency speaker upgrade

Looking to upgrade my speaker setup, wanting an upgrade along with a change of pace. Currently have Harbeth Monitor 40.2 40th AE, with all Aries Cerat source gear (Kassandra II Ref, Impera II Ref, Diana Forte) and an Auralic Aries G2.1 streamer. Better than bargain bin cabling and ps powerplants for regens. Also dual JL f113v2 subs. Currently I do really like my Harbeths and find they have great synergy with that setup, but I’ve recently been listening to Raidho D1.1 more in a 2ndary setup and those are just somewhat overall more capable speakers (although I would say less organic), so I’d like to get something inbetween those 2 but overall better technical ability if possible, but really open to whatever. I’d like to prioritize something that does focus more on the intangibles, mainly timbre, low level resolution and nuance, microdynamics, spatial recreation, and texture. Overall tuning and signature I’m less worried about, and I don’t need a strong macro focus for what I use 2ch for. Given that I do like the Raidho, I was thinking of moving to Borresens which I think would be what I’m after, but they just wouldn’t pair well with that main chain, and I’d like to keep using that chain for now.

I want to avoid horn speakers in this case since while I really enjoy them they aren’t going to be great for my room, and are more specialist and not that great of an all rounder. Don’t really like to live with all planar or panel speakers, not an estat fan either. Generally looking for more high efficiency than not, standmount or tower I don’t really care, single driver I would be ok with but that’s also potentially a stretch to use an all rounder. Would prefer to not get into the hassle of custom or one off speakers either. Room size is like 20x24 with 9ft ceilings (I think) so enough size to accommodate most average speakers but nothing too massive, already have plenty of mostly diffusion and traps and some absorption, treated ceilings (not safely though lol), thicker carpeted floor, took care of windows. Budget is flexible so not worrying about that too much for now, can figure that out later once I get some ideas of where I could go. Any ideas or things to look into?


Seriously…you’re asking questions about audio online without first consulting yourself? What is this world coming to…

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I’m really not that experienced with some of the higher end speakers, I’ve mainly spent most of my time dealing with headphones lol, never really got as deep into speakers as a I did other things


I think I’ve narrowed down my search, I am currently looking at Verity Lohengrin IIS, Magico M3, and potentially Goebel Divin Marquis depending on what I get offered. Those are at least what I know I can get somewhat easily and also have good prices on for used models, but there’s so many options out there.

Not wanting to go the horn direction is really limiting my options when it comes to synergy lol. I was also thinking something like Focal Stella Utopia EM, but I’m not sure if that’s really the sound I’m looking for although that’s a great speaker and it would pair very nicely with my amps, same with something like a Wilson Alexx (although that’s a bit more of a pain to set up). Also admittedly those are more common speakers and I might as well get something unique (don’t typically think like this with headphones or electronics, but with speakers they are kinda statement pieces in their own right)

Really leaning toward the Verity after a demo of one of their speakers at an audio show, was really impressive in the aspects I wanted, but I just don’t know how well it will react to my amp situation so it’s a bit more of a risk there. But great value given how much they drop used, in comparison to other options


what’s your budget?

Flexible, but I could go up to around 100-120k if needed, would prefer to be less than or around 60 though, most of the stuff I’m looking at right now would be in that range used


Anyone heard a Stenheim Alumine Five SE or any Stenheim speakers? Also anyone have experience with anything from Lansche (I’ll be honest a plasma tweeter sounds pretty cool and that’s the main draw)?

Somewhat already decided on something, but still looking just in case lol

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I fear you’re talking above most of our heads here :frowning:

Figured, but also thought it would be good to ask anyways, the more info the better if possible

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“But have you HEARD KPH30i??” :grin:

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Personally not a fan, like the ksc75 a lot more lol (porta pros are also nice)


KPH30i is where the shizna at!

I’ve got Tannoy XT8Fs & no fancy shmancy gear at all. If their higher end speakers are much better than those, they must be mind blowing end game.

All i know is, those speakers are ugly :wink:

Good luck on your search my man. Hope you find a pair that makes you happy!

I’ve heard some of the bigger tannoy and they were great, just not to the level I was looking for, haven’t heard the kingdom royal though, that might have been more inline with what I was looking at performance wise. The westminster royal se was pretty fantastic last time I heard one, but it didn’t really have the overall sound I was looking for (but that was a shorter demo awhile ago, and I know they are very source picky and I don’t remember what was hooked up to them, so not sure). Another problem with the larger tannoy is that they require a fairly massive room to sound their best imo, so I don’t really have the space for them even if I wanted to consider them. But the crazy coherency, level of power and grandness they gave to everything, and the overall organicness was really just impressive. If I had the space and a less wide preference in music, they’d def be on my shortlist

I don’t care too much about looks, as long as they aren’t absolutely an eyesore to me lol, I can deal with the looks not being up to par as long as the sound is. I think there’s so much worse looking speakers out there, one’s that shouldn’t have ever been created levels of worse looking, but I won’t get into that lol. Some of the more artsy horn designs come to mind

Actually ended up going for a pair of verity, and just got them set up lol


pictures or it didn’t happen. :wink:

those have a little more style. it has to be part of what makes high end speakers sound so good. that design appears to be very common with high end loudspeakers. i suppose makes sense, baffles are the enemy.

Won’t give you that, but I will give some impressions when I get them properly places in the room and get some time on them. So far they are incredibly picky to get set up

It’s just a modern ish design, big tower speaker, nothing too out there or unusual. I would have liked to get a wood finish on them but I got a used pair and was absolutely not willing to shell out new just so I could have a special finish

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Josh is talking about the psychological effect placebo has of creating contentment in addition to the better sounds that are imaginary. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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hahaha. love it! it has to look like it sounds as good as i want it to :wink:

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