Looking for recomendations on audio(total noob) with a flexible budget $500~

Heya everyone, first time posting here after binge watching Zeos videos. I’m very new to this world of audiophiles and I’ve just finished a new pc build and I was hoping to switch up my audio since Z has pretty much beaten it into me that they’re garbage(quite literally). I’ve got some funds left over and figured why not get something better.

I’m looking for headphones that will last since I’ve got quite the noggin on me that’s also accompanied by an afro. Hopefully whatever you recommend can fit a watermelon sized head. I do play a lot of games primarily shooters like rainbow 6, pubg, and escape from tarkov so I’m looking for something that can give me a clearer sound. After listening to Zeos review of the a40s I really understood what he meant because majority of the time when playing games it was starting to turn into a guessing game based on what I could glean from direction. I’d really like footsteps to be as clear as possible.

Also I’m not sure if it was just my bin tier cans or my hardware but I had a lot of white noise and the bass was really present on my astros. If we can avoid things that aren’t to present there that would be great.

I’m not at all sure about DACs/AMPs but I’ll be checking through his vids and in here. I’ve been looking at the m40x’s/DT770s/DT990s/Fidelios/Hifiman HE4XX not sure which to go with though. Any advice from you guys would be great thanks a lot!

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What type of games do you play and what type of music do listen to? And what is your general environment like? Is it noisey or is it generally quite?

I play shooters a ton. Rainbow 6 Siege, Escape From Tarkov, Arma 3, PUBG and sometimes rhythm games like Osu and DJMax. I listen to a EDM, trance, lo-fi, instrumentals, hiphop, and rap music. My general environment isn’t very loud aside from the low hum of my machines. So it’s generally very quiet.

For siege I generally really like Beyers over any other. I use DT 990 on my setup but many on here will be inclined to reccomend the DT 880 600 ohm on here. My argument for the 990 is slightly superior imaging but honestly hard to notice between the 2 they both use the same drivers. 990 is sharper better for footsteps and has really good midbass good for a lot of modern hip hop in the fun factor as well as explosions and gunshots. The 880 is a more balanced signature. For DACs and amps. The classic liquid spark and a topping d10 combo is really good to pair with beyerdynamics.

iFi Zen Dac and a pair of dt880 600 ohms would be nice :+1:

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Thank you both so much I’ll start taking a look at them right now. One of my buddies was wondering why I could never tell what was above me. He’d tell me someone was on hatch and then I’m like nope that’s gotta be on the left out the door. I know the game has it’s own weird sound propagation but that really threw me for a loop and I’m plat 1 in that game.

As M40x owner, I would advise against buying them. Get the HD 280 Pro’s instead if you need a closed back.

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Haha the reason I didn’t go ahead and just buy those outright is because I still don’t have too much knowledge about DACs/AMPs yet plus I fear that I’d break or warp them quick due to the size of my head.

Can you replace the pads in the dt880 or dt990?

Yes no problems

Well I can get the 880s to my house today thanks to prime so i’ll give those a go!


Hopefully dacs and amps are beginner friendly.

Yes you can change the pads on both of these @Reidem
Here’s what I would say. If you are sensitive to treble the 990 600 ohm may be a little too much for you to handle for your ears. If however, you don’t mind some sharpness in the treble, they are great accurate fun.
If you want something a little more refined and balanced, with less treble sharpness, the 880 600 ohm are the better choice. Both have near identical imaging and accuracy.
These 600 ohm models require a lot of power, you would need a really good amp/dac combo for them. If you don’t need portable, the Fiio K5 Pro is an amazing desktop solution. If you need something portable, the Xduuo XD-05+ (Plus) is perfect.

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@Reidem Awesome! Make sure to get the 600 ohm version, and the silver color. The black color messed up the tuning a little bit with the pads. They got a little harsh in the treble and less accurate. The orginal silver color is much more accurate and refined.

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Cool…if you go for the 600ohm option (the best btw) you’ll need an amp/Dac amp to run them properly :+1:

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I’m currently looking through the dacs and amps you’re all suggesting but it looks like they’ll take longer to arrive so I got a lot of time to research while I try to fit these on my head. @Soren_Peregrine Thanks for telling me about both. I don’t need a portable solution but a desktop one would be highly appreciated.

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Okay, yes then the Fiio K5 Pro would be great if you don’t need to use your headphones away from your desk. A regular device can run these, but they won’t run them properly. That’s where the amp/dac comes in. If you need to stay lower budget, the Fiio K5 Pro is the way to go. Although, the Xduuo XD-05 Plus can be used as a desktop as well because of the massive power it has, just more expensive than the K5 Pro.

Well which do you recommend? I’m willing to learn and it’s actually all within budget :slight_smile:

@Soren_Peregrine Also you said don’t get the black variant of the 880s or 990s?

@Reidem The 990 are already black I believe. Actually ask @RiceGuru about the 990, he is more of an expert on those.
But yes, get the silver version of the 880 600 ohm.