Looking for recommendations for my next headphone - Sub $500

Okay, so I have a Sennheiser HD 6xx and I’m looking for a warmer headphone that has more bass than the 6xx, something that has a more fun sound signature.
My amp and dac are the SMSL SP200 and a Topping D10.

I’m in Iceland so that limits my options a bit since not everyone ships internationally and some charge a ridiculous amount for international shipping.

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Hmmm, you should have a fair amount of options imo. This will most likely be misses, but can you find a used lcd 2 classic in your budget? That would be pretty nice. Also going to guess that a hifiman edition xx will be harder to find as well. You might be able to get a hold of an audioquest nighthawk carbon which would be pretty nice, but the signature is hit or miss for some people.

Alternatively you could also try out a tube amp for your 6xx, as that will increase warmth and bass performance, and also widen stage so that might be something to look into

What type of music do you listen to?

Maybe find a used tr/th-x00 on eBay?

Also a pretty great pick. Since it’s iceland perhaps looking for a th610 might be easier to find (I would have mentioned this as well, but for some reason I misread warmer as wider and didn’t mention it as it’s not that wide lol)

Would Nighthawks be fun? Never heard them but they’re dark, right?

They aren’t that dark, but very fun I would say, they have a unique presentation that’s pretty enjoyable along with really great bass and midrange. They aren’t aggressive but something doesn’t have to be in your face to be fun imo

Fairly good price $250 US. (Nighthawks)

I wonder if they also have a good price over there. Not really sure about the prices of anything in iceland lol.

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Meze 99 classic? :man_shrugging:t2:

That would do the job pretty well, I just think it might be a step down in technicalities compared to the 6xx (but that might not matter). If we are including that then the 1more triple driver over ears are pretty nice for just v shaped portable fun as well

The verum 1 is also a good pick as well imo


May ship outside US. Could ask…

I have a feeling like anything from the US will be too expensive due to shipping and other taxes that come along with import.

@Freyr what countries could you reasonably buy something from without paying too much in shipping and tax (besides where you live)?


Thomann.de ships to Iceland, makes it 30€ more expensive.

IIRC Iceland is in the Schengen Area

Ok, I should have mentioned that there are almost no “premium” headphones sold in stores in Iceland, there just isn’t a market for it, so I’m always going to be ordering from overseas.

So the exchange rate for the dollar is less than for the euro or pound, so a US seller that has ok shipping rates is my best option.

My final price will be headphone +shipping + 24% VAT of that combined price.

I’m mostly listening to 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s rock / grunge.

I’ve looked at the Nighthawks, the Amazon seller doesn’t ship to Iceland so they’re out for me.

I’m also looking for a bit of a step up from the 6xx in quality so the Meze’s don’t appeal to me at the moment.

So if you have massdrop, is the edition xx an option? The Focal elex is also a great pick too imo

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Yes they would have been but they’re out of stock and I’m not sure if they’re coming back.

Massdrop will usually be the best option when it comes to shipping prices, usually sub $10.

The focal elex is in stock at the moment, I think that would be pretty great imo

Take a look of the Denon Ah D7200 is much better as the Fostex tr x00 Mahagony.
More clear, more Bass, better mids and not sooo high in the hights.
For sure it give many Earpads for another sounding.
But why depend more Money for 3,4,5 Earpads.

With the Fostex can waste many money,and the Denon come very Good out of the box with no tuning nessersary.
And the Fostex on Ebay is the older Model.I think the Removel cabel is selfmade when i see it right.

Yes they look good but MD doesn’t ship them outside the US.

How are the Emu’s compared to the 6xx?