Looking for upgrades from micca rb42s

Looking for bookshelf speaker upgrades from micca rb42s. Currently using the emotiva a100 to power them. I’d probably want to stay somewhere in the $500 ish range but not a hard limit. What’s out there?

Well, what type of sound are you after? What do you like about the rb42, and what do you not?

polk lsim 703’s on sale for 449/pair atm. very hard to beat till they sell out sub 500

kef has there annual sale right now, q150’s for 300, 650’s for 6509little out of the 500 range, but not much)

jbl has studio 530’s on sale for 300/pair

few off of the top of my head i saw past few days

Well the only bookshelf’s I’ve owned are the rb42 and the mb42x. I’m more intune with what I prefer in headphone since I’ve heard more, speakers I’m more of a beginner so I don’t know exactly what I’m after. I seem to like a more balanced/neutral sound in headphones. Probably prefer the same thing in speakers.

My setup now is, RME ADI2>>minidsp he>>emotiva a100>>rb42s, and channel 3 of the minidsp hd is going to a micca ms10 subwoofer.

I’ve been playing with high and low pass filters but again I’m not extremely knowledgeable here. I’ve gone between 80hz and 130hz, just experimenting there. Haven’t figured out what I like best just yet.

Should probably also specify this is a nearfield desk setup

for the low pass, i find larger woofers like 80hz and smaller woofers like 120hz. not allways the case, but often is.

Yes for music 80hz is a nice balance with bookshelfs for most subs

you could look into studio monitors. they generally are the most neutral sounding.

True, but it depends what he means by balanced

Not opposed to that if I can still incorporate the sub.

what headphones do you like the most to listen to? I can try to match you up with something like it in speaker form =)

Not sure how to describe exactly. Just want something great overall. I know that’s not a great description but again I don’t have too much experience here

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My two go to sets are Focal Elex and Nuemann NDH20s.

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So with studio monitors, neutral typically means something more flat responding, and that can also mean it sound unnatural or boring, so it depends

So it seems like you like good dynamic range with good soundstage and imaging, a balanced response but still exciting, and a bit of warmth

I’d say that’s pretty accurate. The Elex are like I’m sitting in the middle of a room, with musicians sitting all around me, 360 degrees, playing. I’m obsessed.

it is very hard to get 360 degree immersion from 1 pair of speakers. But you can get a very wide front soundstage from a single pair

You might be after a speaker which can portray depth in soundstage really well then.

however if you make the jump to 4.0(i find centers to be useless if you have a properly setup pair of speakers) you will get a very immersive experience.

I think I’d have to stick with a 2.1 for now just because of my space limitations.