Looking for Velour Closed backs. Very sweaty with leather, and i can't use open


I live in a very humid country.
I NEED to use closed backs because small house, play in the night, etc.
Leather pads and stuff really really make my ear very uncomfortable.

My budget is 500usd, but I am down to hear every single suggestion.

I know velour closed backs don’t really exist, so I am down to mod with velour replacements, but I don’t know many headphones that still sound good after replacing.

I listen to pop songs.

I’ve tried Sony MDR7506 with DT250 velour pads. Pads were abit too shallow. Sounded abit too flat to me, I prefer something more “fun”.

I’ve also tried DT177X GO. Loved the sound, my favourite. But looking for cheaper options.

I would love to own HD820s, I’ve tried them out before but they are too expensive. These would be my ideal headphones.

I also would like to try NDH20. Looks good, but looking for cheaper options.

Fire away.

Well darn, I would have suggested that as well lol

If you are worried about comfort, these have fairly poor comfort imo

What amp are you using?

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Welcome to the community, inory, clever anagram btw
Looks like @M0N is on the scene, and one of the best go to options on here.

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Dt770? …

That’s a good pick imo, getting a 250 ohm would be a smart choice if you don’t want to spend for the 177x go

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I never bought any real amps. So if i get a headphones that require one I’ll have to get an amp too.

What anagram are you talking about? :thinking:

I mean, the 177x go and an amp like the liquid spark does fit your budget… but you don’t want to spend that much

The 770 250 ohm paired with a mangi heresy (if you want something more neutral and cleaner) or liquid spark (warmer thicker a bit smoother amp) would be my pick imo (and a dac like a topping d10 or smsl m100)

IEM is the way to go to combat sweaty ears :+1:

Been honestly thinking the same. But I can’t get over headphones. Just something about them :stuck_out_tongue:

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Elegia. They go on sale sometimes. I like the pads and they’re pretty cool imo.

Thoughts on DT770 32ohms? I prefer not needing to use amps / dacs. But am open minded.

Hmmm, that’s a solid pick, but I wouldn’t call them fun imo

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I would personally avoid the 32 ohm, it’s very unrefined and not that detailed, the 250 is the cream of the crop. You could get a portable dac amp if needed. That being said the 177x is somewhat fine without an amp (although they do benefit from one)

Do amps / dacs heavily impact how the 250 ohms sound? I’ll like to just find the cheapest options for them if they don’t matter too much.

The 250 ohm preforms well with a high quality dac amp, it does affect performance to an extent. If you wanted something portable, an ifi idsd nano or xduoo xd05 would be my picks. I mentioned desktop solutions above

Yep they’re hot and sweaty hence that’s why I now mostly use iem’s lol.

inory = irony though it may simply be word play with the n and r swapped

Well since we’re at the topic, I’ll like to hear your thoughts on these too.

They are the Monolith Hi-Res dac and Audioquest Dragonfly red usb dac. They’re super portable and I was thinking of getting something like this. If i get the DT770s, would it be usable with these?

I’ve… never actually thought about that! I just reversed my online nick that I always used and removed a letter from it, didn’t really wanna use the same name in every place. Online footprints can be scary. That’s a cool anagram though.

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