Looking for XLR microphone setup

I am not sure if this is the proper forum for this…

Hello I am looking to purchase an At 2020 XLR mic. I am new to this, so I was wondering what exactly I need. If anything is wrong or someone has a better recommendation please speak up. I have come to this conclusion I will post links with what I am referring to.

Microphone- At2020 xlr

At2020 Foam windscreen with shock mount by vocalbeat

XLR male to XLR female

Power supply: This is intimidating. So many choices I do not know which to go with. I have come across some behringer models or a Steinberg UR22 mkI, or even yamaha. Please help.

I am unsure which boom arm to get, and do I need anything else such cables? Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you

So, do you have a good recording environment? Do you have carpet flooring? Do you plan on treating your room? Are you in a loud environment?

If not, I would consider a dynamic microphone instead of a condenser mic

Also want would you be planning on using the mic for?


Hello Mon you helped me so much back in the summer with choosing the DT 1990 Pro! Good to hear from you again! I have been really enjoying these headphones. A LOT

In my gaming room I have wood flooring with some throw carpet here and there, but there isn’t an echo in the room if I talk aloud. However, with a mic that might be different? I do not know. I do not plan on treating my room, but if I really have to I can. You mean with that foam to reduce echo and such? My environment is not loud, but a fan in the background may get picked up if the mic is sensitive enough.

All in all, I need a mic for PC gaming now that I have the DT 1990 Pro with no in line communication as you know…
I do not stream, but maybe in the future I will. I currently game am on wifi, so that’s my biggest set back with not streaming since I get small lag sometimes. I can still record my clips though through my gpu. I hope this clarifies everything you asked :smiley: Feel free to ask any questions, and again good to hear from you again!

Well that’s good to hear lol. A condenser will pick up a lot of noise, and might not be ideal for gaming and streaming unless you really get your room and environment in check. If you want a warmer sound that blocks a fair amount of background noise, check out the shure sm48-lc mic, as it’s a good price and would suit your needs nicely

Also it would work just fine with that ur22 mk1 or something like a Behringer UM2 would work great without spending a bunch

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Wow that mic has a very nice price. What power supply do you recommend? Are there power supplies where I can also just connect the DT 1990 Pro up to also? I currently have the liquid spark, or just stick with the liquid spark? What about cables, and do you have any recommendations for a boom arm, or no experience?

This is the mic you are referring to correct?
Shure SM 48

This is the mic I was talking about

Make sure to go online and listen to demos of the mic to see if you think it would sound good for your tastes.

So regarding the preamp, I mentioned the Behringer UM2 or the ur22 that you mentioned would be good choices (also these are considered an audio interface not a power supply for future reference). You could step up to something like a focusrite scarlett solo and use the output of the solo as a dac for your liquid spark which you might like (you could also direct monitor as well). When you get an interface, make sure you keep the +48v off with a dynamic mic.

For cables, the amazon basics xlr cables are great and work just fine. The mic arm can be cheap as long as it works. Something like this would suffice

I have alot of studio gear as well for my mastering work, so I sometimes deal with recording as well

Okay the Behringer UM2 looks nice and clean.

I listened to this video for a sound check: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtW_5EXgR-I&t=232s sounds pretty good to me. I listened through my headphones if you’re wondering.

Do I need a shock mount with the mic arm? I am also going to need to find a place to connect the mount to because my desk is really thick… This is honestly probably my biggest issue.

Should I also get a pop filter/windscreen?

So imo you don’t need a shock mount, and unless you have a fan that might be blowing on a mic then you don’t need a windscreen. A pop filter can be helpful, but the cheap ones don’t do a ton. I would consider getting those after you get your setup to see if you truly need them

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Cool. I really appreciate your help. Now I just need to find out how I am going to attach a mic arm to my desk because I’m pretty sure it is too thick…any alternative options/ideas? However, it is probably difficult to make a suggestion without knowing what my desk is like.

Yeah if you have a measurement of how thick your desk is that would be nice

My desk is 4.5cm thick, the Rode PSA-1 fits nicely, even with quite some space left.

I also use the Shure SM48 @M0N mentioned, can recommend that!

It’s a nice arm but it’s quite pricey with a setup like this imo

6 inches thick. Yes, 6 inches

It definitely is, but i rather pay a little extra once than have it fail on me and that thing is going to last. + i use it as a camera overheard rig sometimes and i really wouldn’t trust something cheaper to hold that weight.

Well you definitely have to build a custom bracket then, no clamp mount i know will fit that.

I’ve used a cheap 15 dollar arm for over 4 years now on one of my desks lol and it still works fine

You could get a foorstanding arm then

Ugh I really don’t want a standing mount lol I don’t have much space left in this room -.-. I’m in a pickle haha

Ah, well you might have to drill through the desk or find an alternative way of mounting the mic. I don’t know of a clamping mic arm that could handle a desk that thick

something like this could work

or this

But both would take up more desk space

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I’d rather sacrifice some desk space over floor space. I kind of like those options.