Looking to upgrade my gaming audio

How would you upgrade my setup? I got a 58x with a arc mayflower mk1. 500 budget

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I mean, what are you looking to improve? What do you like about the 58x and what do you dislike about it? Also does it need a mic input?

Just the audio. Would like something with more bass and treble. No mic needed already have one

Hmmm, I think you might like a dt990 600 ohm with a monolith liquid spark amp and topping d10 dac

It has great imaging and soundstage, it’s got a bit of a v shaped signature, and also brighter which is good for games. Comfort is also very good as well

Hmmmm, which headphones would you recommend to just dump the 500 on?

I mean I don’t think I would recommend that lol. I think if you want to have it be for gaming, the dt1990, fostex x00 ebony or emu teak, or a used hifiman Ananda might be worthwhile. Also factor in the cost of a dac amp as well (200-300)

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I was just asking for end game audio for gaming but would you recommend ath ad 2000x or 1000 for gaming?

I love the 1000x for comp gaming but it’s a hard sell for most people. Poor comfort for most, long non detach cable, bass light signature (which some don’t like). I personally think it’s actually my favorite in my collection for pure competitive gaming, but not everyone would agree with it

hey M0N for something like the ebony or the teak, why would you suggest upgrading the amp dac? looking at the specs it looks like the mayflower could drive them as they’re both lower impedance. Is it more a issue of overall quality rather than raw power requirements?

It’s more higher quality reasons, also they really actually do appreciate power (most biodyna headphones can slam harder with more power)

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Would the arc be fine with either the 1000s or the 990? or would I need to upgrade

oic, thanks. Just curious and trying to understand the stats and what makes amp/dacs better quality. I know power output is just one piece of the equation just the easiest part for me to understand currently.

The 1000x would be fine, but the 990 you might want to step down to the 250 ohm and then you would be good

On some threads you preferred the 880s over the 990s (600 ohms ofc) any reason why its changed?

Also would the amp/dac you said for the 990s be able to power the 1990?

So it hasn’t changed, but since you wanted more bass I suggested the 990 (it’s more v shaped than the 880). You mentioned you wanted more bass and treble so I thought the 990 fit better

I actually think the 1990 could be powered off the arc fine, if you did want to upgrade the liquid spark would calm the treble a bit and add more bass

Hmm, now you got me leaning towards the 1990 or the 1000s lol. Since it will be all around the same money anyways tbh

You have any opinions on the ath 2000? for gaming ofc

I really don’t know if it’s worth the extra money for comp gaming over the 1000x imo