Low budget In ear for a mobilephone

I have bought a Samsung galaxy S10 Plus and the the standard heasphones from AKG sounds better than my Denon AH-C360

Im on a low budget and want to hear if theres is any suggestions for some better iem, the one i have sounds good and they fit my ear good, the akg sounds better but not so easy to fit in my ear.

Neutral highs, wide soundstage (which the akg does better than my denon), tight deep bass.

In the reviews they say the bass is very deep and the highs are somewhat loud, i don’t feel the higsh are to loud and the bass is pronounced,loud.

Low budget, should be able to buy it from a european store , mic and phone controls in the cable would be nice

KZ ZST perhaps? You can buy them off the German Amazon, they are cheap and have plenty of bass as far as I’ve read. There is a thread on here somewhere talking about the soundstage.
I’ve ordered some for my girlfriend, pretty curious. There is a version with mix and one without mic, which differ by $1 I think.

Just wondering what is your budget? Like do you have a price range you want to be in?

In my serach for new in ear headphones i found Best Under $20 JBL Tune 210

Price is 22 euros with shipping

Than i found Sony MDR-EX650AP for 27 euros half price, it’s almost half price (cheapest retail price is 48 euros) and i have read good reviews

Less than 30 euros with shipping is my limited

Tin Hifi T2

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Lack of subbass,Slight sibilance



Perhaps a guideray gri?

Those akg buds are actually pretty good for the price and if your gonna stay in the $10-$30 range they are pretty much sidegrades. What’s your budget?

30 euros which is $36 or £28

My problem with the akg is not that easy to fit in my ears and the highs on both (akg,denon) can be a bit to much when playing loud, i like the “better” wider soundstage of the akg

Some don’t like them (comments) https://www.soundguys.com/akg-samsung-galaxy-s10-earbuds-review-22402/

So fare JBL tune 210 for ultra low budget and Sony MDR-EX650AP for low budget and being the superior of the 2, right?

Have you tried them?

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no i havn’t

Search for anyone that own a pair an give them a try. Is really subjective to evaluate a pair of headphones from the spec sheets and reviews. They are a guide but every situation is different and every ear is different!
The BLON are a cheaper option, didn’t try them but they are raved everywhere.
Good luck with your search!

Here is what I would suggest getting.
Guideray Gr-i.
They don’t need any modifications, they come already with a really nice wire and lots of different tips to try, really the complete package. The bass is much better than the Tin T2, and they have good soundstage. The great thing is they are shaped to a human ear much better, and are one of the most comfortable budget IEMs. If you can afford them, they are well worth the money, and compete with some much more expensive stuff. All the colors are the same model, just look different.

Also a black color if you want something more subtle.

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really ? https://audiofool.reviews/2019/11/03/guideray-gr-i-68/

Audiofool in my experience has not been a very good reviewer especially for IEMs.
If it helps at all, @M0N prefers these at times over the Tin T4, and highly recommends them.

Have also considered the Sennheiser CX 2.00 (the version with mic) althought it’s a little over my budget https://www.thephonograph.net/sennheiser-cx-1-review/

Any thoughts on the SoundMAGIC E50C €39.09 free shipping on amazon.de they are blue and look fantastic

What are you worried about with the set? It meets your requirements pretty well imo

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