Low power amplifiers

The link is just as an example but what I’ve been trying to understand is what exactly a 4 watt speaker like this can power.


Well, you really don’t touch most of the headroom your amp has, if you are going nearfield you really only need a few watts to get where you want tbh. Really depends on amp design

Some of my favorite folks over at Decware… (Just got a shipping notice today saying my amp is already on its way back to me :muscle: )
Fleawatt stuff is fun but takes a bit more effort to get enjoyment out of. All my Klipsch speakers sound wonderful with low watts, some better than others and YMMV on depending what your idea of “wonderful” is. My Heresy speakers by far are the performance kings with low wattage. High sensitivity speakers and a FleaWatt.

I think this one is 3 wpc. Made by Line Magnetic, ( mated with Klipsch WF34 speakers), surprising what it can do, would never give up my high power amps to go all low power though, at least not anytime soon…


Here is some fun reading…At least it has been for me :crazy_face:


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That’s really cool. Thanks!

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Personally my problem is that I am a Basshead at heart, but the horrible kind, that comes from the old school of car audio where we shoved 2x18’s and 4x10’s in a 79’ silver edition TransAm along with a few mids and tweeters and 4.5K watts and called it a day… :rofl:
When you play with low wattage say good bye :wave: to DJ Magic Mike and RUN DMC (or whoever it i that plays heavy synth bass tracks made to rumble foundations nowadays), and learn instead to enjoy what a 110db efficient horn and waveguide can do with some organ music :smirk:
I’ve had the pleasure of auditioning some very high-end low wattage systems and components and really enjoyed them. I will never be able to afford any of that stuff, (come on lotto!) but i do enjoy reproducing some of that sound on a much humbler scale.
You thinking of getting into any of this @PABastien?

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I’m considering the super zen triod 25th anniversary but I need to consider my options as the speakers I want are 90db sensitivity and I’m not sure that will run them. I might save up for the mystery amp instead
As for bass I’m considering a rel sub

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Yes on the amps, great value, yes on the Rel, (love mine). Emphatic NO on 90db sensitive speakers. Nope don’t do it, unless you are one of those folks who ONLY listens at low volume and then there are very particular speakers for that.


I’m looking at Tekton, ZU and OMega speakers next…BUT i’m being VERY careful because to get the most out of a low wattage system room treatments become very important, and i’m not prepared to dedicate a large room of my home into doing what needs to be done. So i stick to my office and nearfield for most of my Fllea-watt sessions. Once in a while i’ll play in my living room butbit always leaves me wanting for more…

Added: Take your time and read everything Steve has written on his site and the forum too. He has been doing this for a long time and is very knowledgeable, get value for your money if you are gonna drop the big bucks and follow the steps needed to make it really worthwhile, IMO. Happy listening friend, enjoy!


Unfortunately these are for a desktop set up as I dont really have the room to do floor standing atm (will in the future though) and have been looking at triangle thetas
I also need front ported or closed box speakers because my desk is up against the wall
As for treatment it’s a bedroom with three full bookshelves and a bed currently

On my desk at the moment I have 2 bookshelf speaker pairs, and one of them is a voxativ hagen, and it runs extremely well on only a few watts from some headphone tube amps with speaker out. Really enjoyable sounding speaker

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Voxatives are coaxial right?

Correct, also efficient and front ported too, might fit what you are looking for perhaps. Well it’s a single driver, so just one woofer and that’s it

Hell, I run the Falcon LS3/5A’a on my desk and they are much less efficient than either of your choices and I truly enjoy them. I did not say it can’t be done, yes it can, and better in near field than a large room. I admitted my problem, I enjoy getting loud, much louder than is recommended and at times safe for the equipment being used.
run the numbers and if the equipment seems like a good match it will work. :muscle:
Those Triangle Theta’s sure are pretty!

I actually wanted the falcons but I literally cant find anyone that sells them in Toronto

As for loudness I tend to be loud wheb I’m able but not enough to kill myself


Be careful of the Falcons, I found them an extreme pain in the ass to power properly, find synergy, and finally get them to work well. Once I finally integrated the REL subwoofer properly into my room I was able to get a more acceptable level of sound quality to volume level for myself out of them.

I still swap out to my other speakers often, especially for genre’s that call for allot more oomph. (very subjective comment here).

I want a host of amps and speakers to play with. At least one tube amp, a class a and a class ab
As well as a bunch of speakers. The problem is the current climate is really weird right now for purchases and shipping. I know I can get the thetas somewhat easily
Hanlve you had any experience with decware’s speakers

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Just wondering, if you get a class a/b with a high enough bias, you don’t really need to get another class a if your goal is just to get different class amps

Yes, I like your plan VERY much and whole heartedly agree that you should purchase it all, enjoy the variety and remember that Maple Tree audio. http://www.mapletreeaudio.com/otherproducts.htm
makes some very nice switchers you will eventually need. More power to you brother!

I actually recently got a mapletree audio speaker switcher, 4 amps in 2 pairs speakers out