Lurking, introduction, question. .

been lurking for about a week. . .an upside to getting sick is it gives me time to lurk (research), hahaha! i’m a budding audiophile so lots to learn. i’m typically budget bound. . . DIY and used equipment is my game.

re headphones: i own a pair of Grado 325’s and have a Sennheiser HD600 on the way. also on the way is a used Schiit Vali and a used Nobusound NS-08E tube amp. i got two because i they were cheap (under $100 combined) and i want to do a comparison. i also found an ifi xcan for cheap.

i’m pretty handy. sculptor/furninture maker by day. i have a basic understanding of electronics and the hardware associated but after lurking here i’m beginning to realize i need a good bit more: ohms, capacitance, shielding, solid core, occ, etc.,.

any insight on this DIY headphone amp? i got it about 5 years ago (because it was super cheap, hahaha!) but know nothing about it.

i don’t know if this is the proper category for my query but hopefully it’ll get the ball rolling. Please refer me, make suggestions, tell me to go for a hike. . .whatever, gotta start somewhere!

thank you


I believe that you might have a cMoy amp. Those things were a popular diy audio project back in the day and are pretty cheap to make. Usually they are built into a little tin can like altoids buts I haven’t seen a penguin one in years.
This site has a review of it and even seems to have a penguin one too

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yes indeed. that’s the one! thanks for the link. it’s good to have my suspicions of it’s performance as a “volume booster only” confirmed. i don’t know? again, i’m new to the audiophile thing so sound discrimination is tricky. . .or is it? lot’s of VERY strong opinions out there.

thanks again

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there is no wrong opinion in audio. if it makes you happy, its a great product.


Maybe this thread helps to get you up to speed.

Nothing wrong with going used.

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thanks for the link to that great tutorial you created, wow!!! I’m sure i’ll be referencing this for a while as i familiarize myself with how the devices i’m using are made.

thanks again!

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go take a hike!!!

but remember to come back and tell us about the sound of this doohickey of yours! :smiley: