M1060c/ vegan pads, phantoms modded, or lcd 2

Want to upgrade or side grade from a argon I could buy the m1060c or phantoms rn but I wait a month more I could get LCD 2 just want some advice on my next purchase I want to reach my endgame.

Just go lcd 2 no question imo, it’s a very sizable improvement. The m1060c and phantom are fairly flawed and it’s not worth modding if you can get an lcd 2. A used lcd 2 is a great value and really something that’s just very refined for the price you can get them used


Thanks I’ve seen them as low as $450-$650 and metal praises the hell out of them.

Yeah you can typically get them for a good deal used, that would def be my pick

This is actually something I’ve been looking into as the lcd2’s sound like the planar i’d like the best in the under 800 category. I know a few years ago they were touted as the best planar under 1000 by lots of reviewers. Was curious to see if they still maintained their value with all the new planar options in the last few years. do you prefer the fazor or non fazor version?

They are still very worthwhile. I don’t think there is a best at a certain price range per se, but they have def held up

Personally my favorite lcd 2 is the 2.2 non fazor, but I feel like most people would prefer the fazor model because of the enhanced technicalities. The non fazor was dirtier with more impact and a bit darker and richer sound


Thanks M0N appreciate the input. Trying to hold off on headphones until i get to audition a bunch next month but the LCD2s are pretty much the top of my list atm. How do you feel about the weight/fit?

I think the new style headband with the comfort strap does a pretty good job making them comfy, the older style headband could create hotspots with extended listening sessions for me

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Nice thx for the input

I feel ashamed well time to grind at work jeez this is the most I’ve spent on anything I’ve been so much money on low tier to mid tier headphones and DMS is right I need to stop with that all need is a highend headphone and my mh755, kph30i for portable use and x2 for gaming.

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:+1::+1::+1:, it should be pretty awesome, it’s a really nice headphone, curious on your thoughts

Thx for the heads up

for the lcd2s the difference between a 2.1 and a 2.2 is the headband correct?

I think the 2.1 and 2.2 both used the og headband, but the 2.2 had angled connectors going into the cup. The 2.2 had more treble than the 2.1, but was still not fazor. The 2.1 was just too dark for me

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ah ok so there is an actual sonic difference. Starting to look more into an lcd but there’s so many versions it’s getting a little confusing. Thanks for the clarification

I would aim for a 2.2 non fazor if you wanted something relaxed, otherwise the fazor aint bad either

yeah based on your post here and another older post also by you lol I think the 2.2 non fazor sounds like the version I’d like the best. Although I have not heard a bright headphone so i’m not totally sure, i do like the sound of better bass impact.

edit non

The non fazor is going to be a heavier hitter with bass, warmer, thicker, and a bit darker. The fazor will be more cleanly, still not bright, but the headphone will be more resolving and linear and refined compared to the more sloppy fun of the non fazor

correct me if i’m wrong here but it sounds like the non fazor vs the 2c are similar in signature with the difference in imaging and more relaxed presentation on the non fazor? going of the dms comparison video. Hopefully I’ll get to audition some of these in the next few weeks as long as corona doesn’t shut down the world just getting an itchy trigger finger. Appreciate all the help as always