M1070. Why the hate?

just purchased a used pair with hifiman style headband. They sound really great. and for 250$ i could not ask for more but i see alot of hate and not much talk at all about them, but a ton of talk about the 1060 and 1060c mods and such. i feel the potential in these for modding is higher than the 1060c because of the drivers and set up but maybe im wrong. these blow my he-4xx out of the water IMO.

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Aren’t they listing at $400? A lot less hate at the price you got them for, I’d wager. Although honestly I haven’t seen a lot of hate except maybe coming from me! I haven’t done any mods or considered that, though.

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Valid question from my perspective. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the build, but when it comes to sound, I thought they were quite nice. I’ve never heard the 1060 or 1060C for comparison, but especially at used prices, I think the price to performance for the 1070 is pretty high.

That said, unit variance may introduce inconsistent experiences and I could have just had a good unit. Ended up selling it when I got LCD-2s.

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that is true, i havent ventured past 400 dollar headphones unless you count the nighthawk carbon which i got for 300. and i thought those would be my favorite headphone for its bass which i love. but these destroy them with that punchy bass and tons of air. obviously not compared to maybe hifiman sundara which i havent tried sadly. maybe that where people are coming from. however these sound much more capable than the 4xx and i loved those cans and everyone said that are the best under 300 and if these are 400 i dont see the huge problem, the cable is nice the headband is nice and yeah you can tell they are no focal but i have no problems. i guess just not alot of people bought them on here only found 1 or 2 threads. just thought i would ask! @wagstaff

yes i think the lcd-2s would be better but i would hope so for the price. how do you think they compare? @FiCurious

I could be stupid wrong and need more time with the m1070. Don’t know. They struck me as overly relaxed and even a bit “hazy”.

Very different sound from the Sundara, which I like a lot. To me it’s not close but the sound is so different that you might totally prefer the M1070 and hate the Sundara!

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From memory, the 1070 was a bit more laid back and smooth, especially in presentation of treble. Bass response was similar, mids maybe slightly recessed relative to the LCD-2, but overall just leaning a little warmer. Since that’s how my preferences tend to line up, I quite enjoyed them, but understand how others looking for more of the ‘audiophile’ neutrality might not care for them.

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ah yes i see that now. they do have that warm maybe dark sound but then again i think the vocals have nice air and sparkle. however i can see there is probably a veil somewhere that im just not hearing since i dont have a 6xx series or sundara to compare. i think i just like dark mellow sound as long as it isnt too muddy which i dont hear but i could see that in a comparison to a great set of cans . i do have a slight bass EQ but thats what i do with all cans. i know sacrilege. @wagstaff

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In my other comment to wagstaff yes i see what you are saying. they are very laid back and i could see the sundara having more life which would be nice, i suppose i respect the effortless power of these more than the clarity of other cans. i do see how maybe their is some veil over the mids and highs. but they do sound quite good to me. i actually thought something was wrong with them when listening to cowboy bebop sound track because of the breathing between notes which i had never heard before . so maybe they are muted in the upper range but thats enough detail for me that my nighthawks just couldnt do. thanks !

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EQ is totally not sacrilege… and yeah plenty of great cans might be able to use a bit of boost on the bass, anyway!

I don’t EQ but I haven’t figured out if I want to and with what, given Apple-iOS system for source. And I still have and use CDs… so am not to be trusted. :wink:

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Out of wonder, what’s your source chain? @Gruntslayer

since i game mostly, and need the software and mic input i got the wait for it, lol creative g6 using as only a dac 32/384, going to liquid spark. which goes out to receiver for my jamo 803s and sub. which is nice because the g6 carries over crossover and EQ to the output . the G6 measured quite well compared to the name brands for distortion @FiCurious

Not a gamer, but understood. You’d notice more of a difference from the amp anyway in that range. The Spark is great, but pairing wise is tilted warmer, so that would push the 1070 a little further that direction. You may notice a difference running it directly from the G6 headphone out.

I’ll also mention that I rolled some Dekoni microsuede pads that were a little more to my liking than the stock leather. I thought it helped to even out a couple of peaks in the FR to make them a little more balanced and refined sounding.

Thanks! i will look into pads. the stock leather is comfortable and has good bass. also the suedes it comes with i havent tried but look comfortable. might remove some of the bass but might try them as well. dekoni is my go too for tips and pads so ill see what the consensus is on that. also i wasnt aware that the spark was dark, would you recommend the JDS labs amp over it? @FiCurious

I haven’t heard the Atom, but it is generally considered more neutral/analytical sounding. It’s not that the Spark is dark, but the treble is a little rolled off with a warmer, tube-like signature for a solid state amp. I don’t think the Spark is a bad pairing, but if you were looking for a little more sparkle in the highs, you may get it to a degree from something like the Atom, Schiit Heresy, or Topping L30, which are generally regarded as more neutral and measurement oriented amps.

i see, it may be why i am loving the feeling of “power” in the low end that these have and most people might not be as impressed with a different amp. trying it out of the g6 amps would be interesting , apparently it has 2 amps 1 for each channel . so itll change the sound im sure. even though it has like 1/7th the power of the spark im not even using half of it. @FiCurious

I am really curious about these, but have not seen any used and there never seems to be any sales. Josh Valor said that they adapt well to EQ and I am wondering how they would match up with my Schiit Loki.

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idk what headphones you have experience with but the only other planar ive heard is he 4xx and those with EQ were good however the bass would distort past 2 or 3 db at the low end. the 1070 takes much better to EQ due to the much larger driver and leather pads. especially low end. i couldnt imagine needing more bass , i have my 2 12" in my car for that. they slap hard and are super wide to me with nice air and the mids are only very slightly recessed. highs sound great no siblance . kinda a tube sound with my liquid spark very textured sounding what i imagine some lcd cans sound like. these are also the best cans ive heard with no EQ its the best EQ ive heard out of the box for me meaning darker sound and decent bass. most planars sound kinda reference and flat out of the box but these dont for me. @ShaneD Valors review is basically spot on for me

I didn’t care for the HE4XX’s at all, but I do Love my Sundara’s. If I see these used, or on sale, I will likely try them out. I was always curious about the M1060’s, but I just can’t bring myself to buy a product that HAS to be modded.

Thanks for getting the conversation going! Nobody seems to be buying them or at least nobody is discussing them.

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yeah figured i would start a thread. 400$? nah but on sale or used worth a try for that nice planar sound and the build that copies the audeze except for the headband but its better than any hifiman except the big ones. and you can switch that out very easily