Made in America Headphones

As the title says, made in America is becoming quite important to me.
I am selling my Hifiman and Sennheisers to afford a nice made in USA headphone.
Any suggestions? It’s kind of hard to find…
Open back and over ears preferably
Here’s what I have so far:

$500 budget (new from the seller aka not eBay lol)
Nighthawk Carbon
Grado RS2e (lol)
Dan Clark Drop


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Correct me if I’m wrong but verum isn’t usa?

You could look for a used audeze lcd 2, that would be neat. I personally wouldn’t go for the drop dan clark/mrspeakers stuff imo. Carbons are pretty solid.

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Hmm actually Verum might not be lol
Also I want to buy direct from the seller
Why not the Drop Dan?

IMO I personally am not a fan of the aeon flow open which is what the aeon open x is based on, imo too compressed sounding, and also engaging imo. The ether cx is more enjoyable but imo also suffers from the same compression. If you look around you can get the aeon 2 open direct from dca bstock or open box for 700 when they come back iirc

Also I think the audeze lcd 1 is also in your budget

verum is actually in ukraine

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worth it?

got it, will update the post

The koss esp95x also might be pretty interesting too


It depends on what you are after sound wise, the lcd 1 almost has like a harman neutral tuning and is pretty nice for its technicalities and refinement for the price. They aren’t as fun as the other audeze but it’s more of a neutral and accurate sound

the koss i was also considering but being forced to use that amp and like not my laptop if i absolutely HAD to seems like something I wouldn’t enjoy

Gotcha, makes sense. I assume grado cans are on your radar as well?

Yes lol- but the on ear = pain

The g cush pads are less on ear, but still kinda on ear lol. Well, I think if you really want to buy direct and not consider used, the lcd 1 seems like a solid option, and the drop open x did improve upon the flow open and is pretty decent (but still not my fave). The carbon would be a really interesting pick, I actually think you might really like those imo, very fun, impactful, and recreate interesting space, also great for bass and midrange

cool man thanks for helpin out.
if you come across anymore please lmk!
im in no rush. have to sell my current gear first

There are way more us electronics makers for audio than headphones lol, I mean other ones would be the campfire cascade which is closed and is above your budget, and zmf stuff is above your budget. And other us brands don’t actually make the headphones in the us. Now that I think about it idk if the lcd 1 is made in the us

yeah really… the dan clark actually do look made in US

Pretty sure those are made in the us for sure, as with grado and the hawks. The higher end lcd line starting with the 2 is made in the us. Also looking the lcd 1 is actually made in the us looking on audeze site

this stuff is difficult to find out lol

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What about the Andover PM-50.

Over budget, but worth a mention, Campfire Cascades.

I though that was only designed in the us, everything else is from china?

The about pages for both say they do their own manufacturing. So I don’t know what percentage is actually manufactured vs final assembly.