Magnat LZR-980 Headphone

Magnat LZR-980

Engineered by Magnat, Designed by Pininfarina


Hardshell carrying case

Little card with a designers note in the back.

And there she is!

Out of the case.

And the jank-fest that are the included cables…


  • 32 Ohm
  • 17Hz to 28kHz
  • closed back
  • 2.5mm unbalanced input
  • 280g (~ 10 ounces)


  • 4-pole phone cable with inline remote (terminates in 2.5mm TRRS, why?)
  • 3-pole cable with right-angle end (terminates in 2.5mm TRS)
  • 6.3mm to 3.5mm adapter
  • airplane adapter


  • Damn those looks!
  • Janky as F cables
  • Plastic shell, metal pieces where it counts. Feels cheap. The ear-pads however! Damn those are nice.
  • Wierd cup mounting system. They swivle inside the outer shell.

  • Stiff headband, could have used more cushion and more flexibility
  • Earcups are good, seals well.
  • Cable is microphonic
  • BASS! but does not drown out vocals.

I will write a “Review” when I gave them adequate listening time.

they look uncomfortable.

They have a lot of clamp and the padding on the head pad could be thicker.
Comfort in the 3 hours I had them on today was alright. M40x levels of comfort, I would say.

They work better with glasses than the M40x though.

Had a bit of an incident last evening/night:

With a sharp crack, the plastic of the top-shell of the headband developed a crack.

Looking online, there seems to be a 1/4 chance for this to happen. Link to some Review, same issue

RMA inquiry with the shop was replied to (including a shipping label) in less than an hour. Big kudos to for that!