Magni 3+ and Magni Heresy

Two new amps from Schiit.


Interesting, I wonder if they finally improved their lower end model so it can compete with the atom and liquid spark.

The new Asgard 3 was a great product imo, and it would be nice if they improved the magni to that standard

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I look fwd to seeing how these measure by ASR. :slight_smile:

I have a Magni3 and they were good enough in that price range. The atom and liquid spark certainly measured better and I suspect the heretical is a response to the ASR mindset.
SBF has some measurements from the heretical, and it measures better than anything they’ve tested. But all op amp designs like this can measure extraordinarily well.
The person who ran the tests apparently prefers the Magni3+.

SBF thread is here

The main issue was the schiit sound sig and the slight compression that turned me off from the magni and older schiit stuff. The Asgard 3 started to change that and I really liked it. Hopefully it will follow sonically in the path of the Asgard 3

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I don’t really notice the compression, but it’s probably the bulk of the material I listen to.
I don’t really use the Magni, it’s in a box somewhere. I used in in my office for a while.
I like the Jot a lot, especially balanced, though I do prefer the SMSL SU8 DAC to the balanced DAC in the Jot.

wonder how long until ASR has taken a look at them.

They’ll likely measure very well, though Amir does seem to have his biases, so it’ll be interesting to see. Personally I’d take the measurements on SBAF or those Schiit posts over Amir’s.

While I find ASR interesting, it’s just that, there are things you can ascertain about an amps sound from an FFT of a single frequency, but it real doesn’t capture the way an amp sounds.

And the obsession with SNR is just misplaced, it throws away the why, and if it were all about SNR no one would ever use a tube amp.

One project I’d like to try and do at some point is capture these measurements, and subjective views of the amps, and build a computer model to see if you could map one to the other. I suspect you can get some of it, but it would be interesting to see which variables were most significant.

I mean listening is going to be the best test, and if something measures well but doesn’t sound up to snuff, I know I won’t prefer it. I feel as long as something has decent measurements for what type of product it is, the actual sound of the amp is going to be more important to me. All I want to see is a more neutral amp with less schiit sound and no compression

well order them already! free return with no restocking fee in the first 30 days :smiley:

Like 20 minutes ago I just said I had already made my last audio purchase for the year. I can’t break just that within an hour. I at least gotta wait a week or so lol


I won’t tell anyone if you won’t tell anyone. :wink:

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Then fly out to SoCal. Listen to all their new Schiiit.

Lol I might as well just buy them lol. I will try to catch them at the next show I can attend tho. Or someone I know might order one and I can go and listen to theirs. I someone I know is a big schiit fan so will see if he decides to order them

well…I would love to be able to support local business, so Schiit is on my radar., as is JDS Labs and Geshelli.

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i might want to order it, but im afraid some might consider it heresy


good pun Ap, good pun!

oof this looks really neat. I’m a little more tempted to grab this over the Asgard thanks to the lower price but at the same time… I like the power output of the Asgard… and then… no wall wart apparently which I appreciate.

I just wonder if it will sound as good as the asgard 3 tho. That is what I am wanting to find out. Also both the new magnis still put out a lot of power compared to other amps

I mean if we’re talking about getting the most out of harder to drive headphones I can imagine some planars needing more power than this at a given impedance. Considering their recent success with the Asgard in removing that ‘compression’ I’ve read about, I can’t imagine they wouldn’t do the same thing here. Unless something in the specs or anecdotes suggests otherwise.