Massdrop 500 bucks off the raals

IDK why they are on massdrop for some reason.

Are they better than stacks?? cuz they look like stacks just more agro style.

Yeah for sure, I would say this is reasonably the best in it’s price class imo. I mean some prefer it to the 1266 and other ultra high end headphones. You just need a lot to drive them which also drives up the price

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are these straight of Raal’s or a modified Drop variant?

These are just raals, it’s not a massdrop version

hah…not sure if I missed something, but they advertise for $3499, discounted from $3500, LoL!

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On the bottom they say there will be a 500 dollar discount applied on checkout. Probably something that prevents them from showing the new price

Just saw this:

I had heard Schitt was secretly working on an amp for these but never saw anything official

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Hmm. With that info I might just wait for the schiit to come out and then pull the trigger

Raal distributor in Boston area told me the Ragnarok 1 was the least amp that would work. He liked the other high end Schiit more, but said the Pass X-150 and above is where you want to be. Like buying an estat.

Could be the calm before the storm of a new announcement or two. They need something closer to $2k to gin up sales, and a SOTA for $5k for the cognoschenti.

If the new cheapie was 45 Hz - 15 kHz +/- 2.5 db I might buy one.

I personally think it could run off the rag for the time being, but there would be some improvement to be had with a higher end amp imo. Like 150-200 wpc is the sweet spot and the higher quality amp the better. Also regarding estats I did have an iesl but ended up selling it once I got a dedicated energizer, as I thought it sounded better

He played my Rag 1 vs a Spectral and a Pass X-150.8 on the Rall. The Rag was able to answer the bell, but the two others had huge amounts of subtle and sweet details and the Rag was raspier and less impressive. I’d love one, but I’m also waiting on the AMT headphone due out six months ago.

Ah yeah, the HEDDphone lol, very curious to see how that ends up sounding. That seems like a better option comfort wise

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Bagwell is like the Riddler. We need the Batman

I guess I’m not seeing the comparison

what the hell does that mean? i’m tripping all over his posts lol

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Pretty sure cognoschenti is a typo of cognoscenti, and that would mean someone well informed essentially

I’m just joking Bagwell, please continue!

I saw it was marked as misspelled and the part of me at age 62 that hangs out in PJ’s most of the day - said screw it…


Lol I feel ya, too much work to go back and change it, people will figure it out :upside_down_face: