Massdrop "CTH + SDAC" & "Alex Cavalli"

Currently Massdrop is offering the Massdrop CTH + SDAC DAC/Amp for a huge price drop, now only $220. The Massdrop x Alex Cavalli Tube Hybrid Amp (CTH) is $250 now too. Are these amps any good? I know neither of them are balanced which is really annoying but they seem to get good reviews. Hybrid tubes, CTH has some more features.

These are pretty good, but if you check the reviews they do have some issues that you would want to look into first. They are very solid amps if you want a slightly colored warmer sound

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can you TLDR the issues with these? is it a Massdrop issue or a product issue?

So some of the units have died outright or had clicking or humming issues, some have a noisy psu, and some have volume pot issues if I recall correctly


im still looking for good and cheap tube sound!
i would probably go with the Loxjie but I would need to split the output from my dac and idk if I would lose some quality with that and I don’t have a balanced dac… might go with the little dot after all.

okay…so product issue. did Massdrop address these are were early adopters left hung out, high n dry?

It’s still a concern I think, but it’s not super common I think

The tube hybrid is a pretty good hybrid that I would say is over the loxjie. You should have really any issues splitting your dacs signal, a regular rca splitter will do the job just fine

with the CTH + SDAC i wouldn’t even have to use splitter
im all over amazon looking for splitters… most have bad reviews

The cth from massdrop sorry for the confusion

This splitter seems pretty nice

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i might go the little dot splitter way and if i really feel as though im missing out will probably decide to go the massdrop cth route

Well either way you go hope you enjoy it :+1:

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For the money, it was worth it. But you nailed it- mine was volume pot issues and clicking on power on/off. I had to unplug my headphones before power down and plug in after power up.

Yeah that’s just something I wanted to make sure to point out, because it does sound good for a good price but you just have to know the potential issues beforehand

The CTH+SDAC is currently on sale at Massdrop for $220
That’s a great price for this amp/dac combo.

Yes but when you read the Review they have made some people angry.
Or is the Cavailli tube who i mean?
Anyway,one of the two is it who makes some Problems.
And the beautiful Customerservice from Massdrop are not so great people say.

i didn’t end up buying it…

The price for the X ALEX CAVALLI TUBE HYBRID AMP (CTH) has dropped down to $175 - I was looking for a “warmer” amp or tube to pair with my 6XX’s besides my JDS Labs Atom. For $175 this seems like a pretty good deal?

Hmmm,this amp ist controverse.
Same say is good and same say not good.
Ohne thing ist the wallward,when is dead it give no buying possibility,and it give no posibility to buy for European guys a powerplug,We need a adaptor.
For this Money i think you find a better Amp i find.
The Massdrop things was good about years ago,and today many things are not really good in my opinion.

I think its a really good deal. Alex Cavalli is a very respected designer. and its a Massdrop product. But the Schiit Vali 2 amp is also very nice and 25$ cheaper. not sure how they compare though