Massdrop Replacement Pads for HD6xx/HD58x

Has anyone tried the replacement Senn pads that Drop offers? Can anyone explain what/if any sound difference they make on the HD6xx/HD58x?

I’ve seen a couple reviews that say the Sheepskin bring the bass up some, and change the soundstage, but that’s about all i’ve been able to find.

I have both the sheepskin and hybrids. They’re both really nice, and increase the comfort level quite a bit. Unfortunately, sound quality does suffer, particularly with sheepskin. The already narrow and sometimes congested soundstage of the 58x (my point of reference) becomes more congested due to the bump in the low end, which bleeds more into the mids and overshadows the rest. It doesn’t take long for fatigue to set in with these pads on the 58x.

The hybrids are better all around, and stick closer to the stock sound. There’s still a slight bump in low end, but it’s not nearly to the degree of the sheepskins.

I’ve not tried the fenestrated, but imagine they’d be somewhere between the hybrids and sheepskin.


Are they thicker than the stock? I can ever so gently feel the foam over the drivers on my ears. It doesn’t hurt but just noticeable enough to wonder about replacement pads.

Hybrids or fenestrated sound like the best choice for me based on your descriptions, wouldn’t mind a slight bass bump as long as the mids and treble isn’t tamed down.

They are a little thicker than stock, but they also compress a little more, so it probably comes out pretty close to the same in the end. I didn’t notice a significant treble rolloff with the hybrids, personally, but it’s been a little while since I’ve listened to them.

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Thanks, I’ll keep searching or continue to live with it.

I personally use the dekoni elite velour pads with the toilet paper mod. I would guess the drop velour pads would work similarly. The mod is super simple and makes third party pads sound good, almost exactly like stock in the case the dekoni velour. I should recommend against the leather or suede options because they really make the soundstage claustrophobic.

This is a description and a picture of my mod.

And here is the article I mentioned