Massdrop X Eddie Current ZDT Jr

I just received my ZDT Jr. a few days ago and wanted to create this thread to share experiences, headphone pairings, tube rolling etc.

I’m mostly using this amp with my ZMF Aeolus and although the tubes a not fully burned in yet I already prefer the ZDT Jr. over my THX AAA 789 for those headphones. The low end is stronger and everything sounds more musical and lively. I’ll post more details as soon as the tubes burn in and I’m more familiar with the sound signature.

I also already have some tubes to roll for the amp. All NOS tubes but for now I’m not sure which other tubes I should try first. I have 1 pair of Mullard ECC89 power tubes and for driver tubes I have Mullard M8100, Siemens 6AK5W, Telefunken 6AK5W and GE JAN 5654.
If anyone else has the same amp and some recommendations on which tubes to roll first I would very much appreciate it.

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Haven’t got that amp but on my Little dot MKII I swop between 5654/EF95 RT Mullard’s ( I also have the M8100/CV4010/EF95 Mullard’s which are similar) and the 5654W/EF95 Jan General Electric.
I use the Mullard’s as my daily drivers, warm, slower but deeper bass, mids are detailed but not in your face and the same goes for the treble responses compared to ss, the JGE’s I use for a more intimate listening ie more vocal based music Joni Mitchell, Kate Bush, John Martyn etc…They have a slightly less warm feel in there delivery, bass is a tad quicker, mids are more focused and the trebles tighter…these finding are based on using hd660s :+1:
I don’t think there’s an answer to what tubes to use first…just roll 'em and have fun, as far as results are concerned that’ll be personal and down to what headphones you use.

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Everyone raves about the thx. I haven’t bought it yet because I think it might be too analytical and dry. I have been wondering about this amp. I have the Little dot mk3, and have used the Ge, Mullard, and Voskod. I don’t find this amp very tubey. I wonder how the Eddie compares to the Darkvoice.

Unfortunately I’ve never heard the Darkvoice. I started with a Little Bear B4-X to try tubes for the first time. After liking it very much on my Aeolus I first got a Loxjie P20 for my desk. With this I had the same problem like you that it didn’t sound tubey enough for me. Because my desk couldn’t fit a Darkvoice I was very happy to find this ZDT Jr… It delivers exactly what I was looking for. At least in my understanding a very nice tubey sound which exceeds the B4-X in every way. Resolution, detail, less distortion, much more power. Although I really like my THX 789 I’ve hardly listend to it since I have the ZDT Jr… The 789 sounds flatter/more boring in comparison. Also do instruments sound more real on the ZDT Jr. and the headstage get’s more holographic where instruments feel like they have more air around them and more 3 dimensional (at least on my Aeolus). The 789 may be better in micro details but the all-over more livley sound of the ZDT Jr. caters more to my preference.
What headphones would you wanna use?

Any updates on the tube rolling? I’m thinking about picking one of these for my hd650/580 and wanted to hear your opinions