MeyerAudio Thread Discussion and Reviews

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My first discovery for 2024.
MeyerAuduo SLIIVO SL41 a 1+4

What I loved:
A monitor like tuning with Nitrous Boosted beautiful bass

Smooth flat mids so tastefully tuned as to bring out the nuances and mico details that should not be possible in this price.

Correct tonality and timbre over musical lushness or colorization.

That bump at 2.5k right at the perfect ear gain is a thing of beauty. Adds in just enough upper mids & treble to make the SL41 a not perfect monitor but a slightly enhanced musical fun IEM

The spacial clues for instruments and vocals and allowing them the play in thier own space is breathtaking. Only bettered by the FF Grand Maestro, Softears Twilight and Plunge Audio Unity so far from all the units this monk has had ears on.

Cable is Baller the same Limpid Cable from Juzears.

Needed some time to get used of the tuning otherwise. If you are used to a Harmon or V shaped tunings it will be different.

Not a forgiving IEM bad recordings will sound bad.


Just a FYI my set of SL41 I found out may not have been final tuning, They told me today they are sending another set with a slightly tweeked tuning.

Also dropped that besides the 6BA thay have a 1 DD 6BA set in the works as well.


Is that name some kind of Roman numeral? It would be nice to get some more accurate impedance and sensitivity specs for it.

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For what IEM , I know the 6BA is 60ohms


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Thats a good question because the website doesn’t say.

Best 6BA ever $450

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New colour

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Thank you a lot for recommending SL41, just got it. This separated sub is sooo pleasant. From the first impressinon this kind of fun is better than PULA’s. Definetely worth te price for me. Also liked smaller shells and more classy cable.

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Nice mine really came alive on the Astell&Kern Kann Max I picked up.

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Can’t watch until later today but curious about the title -

  • the best IEM you’ve heard period is one we’e never heard of


  • out of IEMs we’ve never heard of, this one is the best you’ve heard?

Ruler of all, or ruler of obscure ones?

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Cincotres is apparently a direct upgrade to the SL41, (according to JAYY) but they don’t graph that similarly.

My SL41 is very Uncolored in the mids in comparison to other iem’s that boost the Mid bass and have bigger pina gain.

I wouldn’t say one is a upgrade rather a different tuning the D41 would be more of a fair comparison?

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I think that flat elevation from 800Hz down to 200Hz is interesting. I crave a full midrange.
I’m not so sure about the fast dip after the pinna gain though

Boths sets I now use a dac to output to IEM , Same Cable , Same foam tips.
On Paper this latest batch of CKLVX D41 measures nicer.

They are the same IEM.
Better cable on Meyer-Audio CKLVX