🔷 Meze 99 Classic/Neo/Noir

This is the official thread for the Meze 99 Neo. This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Over Ear
  • Amp needed
  • Open Back

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Anyone with glasses have these?

I’ve been searching for a warm, bassy, over ear headphone with relatively smooth and rolled off treble, but I wear glasses and so the poor seal effectively eliminates the bass in almost all of the typically recommended headphones. I haven’t had a chance to try these, and there’s no info about how much the seal affects the bass on these. If any other four-eyes can help me out, it would be much appreciated!

I tried the Classics for a couple of minutes in a store, glasses on. It didn’t even cross my mind to slide the arms over the cups like with some headphones(sennheiser!). Plenty of bass to go around.

Granted, it was a showroom for minutes, might be different for longer listening.

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Cool, thank you so much!

I have these and the cups are on the smaller side while staying roomy. They should work well for glasses.

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I wear them for my daily walk with sunglasses on. No issues and sound great

Just a tip
Never wear glasses while wearing headphones
Any kind of breakage in the seal will massively influence the sound quality which can clearly be seen in Measurments

Be blind because any breakage will massively influence the sound in measurements?
There arent’s stax yo, people wear them while working and doing other stuff.

Here’s an actual tip for glasses and headphones: titanium frames with thin flexible arms. But they’re not cheap.


Just one word


You remind me … me :wink: Sony MDR1A is THE choice! Enjoyable, warm sound with detailed, non fatiguing highs and plenty of subbass. Good build quality. Everything you’ll read on Amazon or headfi.org reviews is true. 50Ω impedance provide good analysis and the ability for both mobile devices and amp’s use. Ability to “play” with earpads and upgrade the cable to a balanced (2.5mm) one. You 're definetely going to enjoy them. Their only “drawback” or “advantage” is that they are very responsive to record and source sound quality.


Didn’t see a thread for the Noirs so figure I’ll just post this here. Just got these last week and love them so far. Probably going to be my daily drivers at work.

How is the size on these, anyone with a big head that can confirm they fit well?

I have a pretty big head and the still fit well. I can still just barely fit my pinky in between the metal frame and strap. So it’s close haha. I wear about a 7 7/8 to even and full 8 hat size for reference.

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I just happened upon this image and I am wondering where they got this color from, or if maybe they did it themselves for whichever version of the meze 99s this is, at least I assume that’s what headphone is back there.

Just got the Meze Noir. Which pads should i use? I noticed that they look very similar. But i heard one set sounds better than another. Which ones come on the headphone as stock?

Also where is the right and left on these headphones lol. I cant see any indication on the headphones. its on the cable though

To answer the left and right thing is: they are whatever you want on those headphones because everything is 100% reversible on them. Pretty cool feature for a double entry headphone. :slight_smile:

I use the ones that come on them. I tried the smaller ones but I literally couldn’t wear them long enough to even test the sound. They were so small. I don’t feel my ears are particularly big but they barely fit in there and my ears were entirely resting on the drives. Mehhhhh

Ok the pads that come default on them sound best. I tried the other pads first cause people said that the smaller pads sounded better. Thing is with those pads my ear is right up against the driver. and it sounded thin and tinny, sounded like something was wrong with them. But when i switched over to the bigger or deeper pads bam, sounds right. much better.

I had no problem with fit on either. but the deeper sound way better.

Haha jinx! Yeah same man. Also there is a right indicator on the inside of the strap if you want to wear it the right way. But doesn’t matter either way.