🔷 Meze 99 Classic/Neo/Noir

Haha jinx! Yeah same man. Also there is a right indicator on the inside of the strap if you want to wear it the right way. But doesn’t matter either way.

You know i think im sacrificing some bass with the bigger/deeper pads

I read somewhere that the sure 1540 terra pads sound pretty good with these. Will tame the bass a bit though. I wasn’t thinking of getting them because it gets warm in the stock pads after wearing a while.

I heard these headphones are dark. but im not hearing any darkness at all. maybe warm

I did read the the smaller have more punch. And the bigger ones have a tad less bass and it bleeds a bit more into the mids.

Running these balanced does make a pretty big difference in my opinion. Meze sells a 2.5 balanced now for about 50 bucks. It’s a pretty nice cable.

Yeah o don’t get the dark feeling very much at all. Pretty warm. But still a good amount of detail. The balanced cable like I said kinda helped with the separation and seems to tighten the bass slightly, might be a good trade off for getting the bass loosened up with the bigger pads.

Yeah im hearing the bass now. and its a lot. almost boomy. yeah i think they do bleed into the mids. hmm, but i really dont want to return to the other pads lol

Haha a little boomy yeah. You can try the brainwav oval pleather or hybrid pads. Should tame it just a little but not too much.

I went for it. Just ordered the 1540 alcantara pads. I’ll let you know how they are on Friday! :+1:

I think the smaller pads have even more bass but it’s a little tighter. But comfort wasn’t worth it for me personally.

The 1540 pads are bae, I bought them back when I was modding T20RP mk3 and they are super comfortable to me. I hope the sound will match for you!

Yeah fingers crossed. I read that they take down the bass a bit but not as much a the velour branwavs. At the very least they will be more comfy and breathable. I’ll find some pair that they will work with I’m shure (see what I did there? :yum:)

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They seal really well IMO so you should keep most or all of the bass slam too.

That’s good to know. I’ve had them in my car for months. It was time to know lol

Wow the bass on these is just awesome. i forget how good it is to listen to Simple Minds with this much bass. i think im a bass head :open_mouth:

Nice! I’m surprised you didn’t like that nighthawks that much. Those had some nice bass for sure.

Maybe you should look into the 909’s if you’re a fan of bass. Over even the Atticus. Both are pretty good bass cannons I hear.

Oh the nighthawks, now those are dark headphones

Haha dark and warm. I’ve grown accustomed to them :blush:. An acquired taste haha

Look the inside of the headband, it says R in one side, thought it doesn’t matter really. I use them with the Meze balanced cable in my Fiio M9 and half volume maximum. Small pads work for me sound wise. These are great to chill, warm and nice. Also have the Brainwaz HM5 oval pads for these but I didn’t bother to try them yet…

Nothing wrong with that my guy. I’ve always loved a ton of bass even if it does bleed into the mids serves some artists a favor and is just super fun. Also Nighthawks are a pretty devisive headphone for the most part it’s a love or its just ok relationship with fans due to the sound sig being odd for some people