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  • Type: Over Ear
  • Amp needed: No, but use one anyway
  • Closed Back
  • Isodynamic Planar-Magnetic Drivers by Rinaro
  • 2000 USD

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Z Reviews…

Is it just me or is the audio quality on this video distorted like crazy?

The irony is strong with this one.

Anyway, I think they look very good and a good step back from their somewhat flashy (imo) design of the Empyreans.

Not happy with the price, but that’s the market we have. Hope it doesn’t take too long for reviewers to get them.

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Is it bad that I’m a little upset that Meze won’t make anything but 99 variants (beyond the one pair of IEMs) on the more obtainable end?

I just got my headphones in today with the moon audio black dragon coper cable ending in 4.4mm. The silver cable I heard had to much sizle up top on these headphones. Now for the burn in time. Will report back after they burn in. Also got the SA-1 amp coming. Running the headphones for now on my Airist R-2R Dac and my ifi Zen amp. The difference from my GL 2000 was huge. These still have space and a open feel for closed backs but sharper and the vocals and the mids etc. :slight_smile:

I tried these at canjam - wasn’t blown away, and for the price tag, you’d better do just that! :triumph:

These are my work headphones. I work as a 3D artist for 8hrs a day building airports all around the world for flight sims. I need a good headphone and it needs to be closed back for the job. I wanted to have a set of Meze headphones. Can’t be playing my GL 2000 and other open backs in the office. Next up will be the ZMF Vérité Closed closed backs.

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The ZMFs are comfortable but pretty heavy, I am not sure I could wear it all day for 8 hours…

Have you tried a Focal closed back?

This is ON ear, but I really like my Audeze SINE on a ifi hipdac or go blu

Dumb question but what was the chain they provided at canjam. Because at my local shop I fould that the liric only sung on moderately powerful desktop gear and should be in no way advertised as a on the go portable headphone.

That being said yeah I agree that it is pretty overpriced considering the lack of fine detail like how the neck resonates is missing. Would be more apporately priced at around 1k but I understand R&D monnie isnt cheap.

I think I played them on a Chord Mojo. I was definitely at the Chord booth.

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Ah thanks. yeah I can see them being pretty disapointing. I know that on my DX300 they only sound soso as well. Will check liric with mojo 2 the next time I go to my audio store.

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Yes I have had Focal headphones before. I had the the Elegia headphone. Ya ZMF headphones are on the heavy side so are Audeze. I loved my Audeze headphones but ya not made for long work days. I ordered a new Dac and my new SA-1 got here. I got the SMSL VMV D1se DAC along with XLR cables. That should help with sound etc rather than useing my old Airist R2-R Dac. I really liked the filters and how it sounded at the store. It made my headphones pop and come alive. Way richer and better sound than my old dac. The mids and lowes and fine details were better. I could hear things in music that I could not hear before on the airist dac.

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I think your right about these not being perfect for portable use and also a little over priced. I still think they stand on what they built them for. If you have a good hand held muic player it would be great. Now they are not better than the other top of the line headphones they make but they are not 3k or 4k as well. It’s a new direction they are taking. I like companies that do that. Push limmits etc. I have the Liric at 1am on the volume on the SA-1 and on Low Z. I am wondering what change will happen with the new Dac. Zeos loved the Dac I am getting even when we all know how he is with Dacs lol.

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The main issue is that that you cant really get good dynamics even on the DX300 which I would say is better and more powerful then the average DAP unless you are willing to go transportable(M17/DX300MAX) but those arent poket friendly and you would need a nice sling bag/belt and thigh pouch to use them.

Im also saving up for the liric because I believe that that meze’s music first over numbers is the way to go and would like to support them. But based off sound quality objectively they are overpriced by about 1k since they arent competing on the same level as Verite open and the like that exist in the 2k range.

To everyone else reading this is in no way knocking on the liric but I highly recommend think of it as a lightweight dynamic driver sounding planar that wants juice so preferably try them out on somthing like a cayin iha-6 or similar power amp.

R&D is very $$$ and they need to bring some of that back. I do not have a issue with that. I always wanted a Meze top tear headphone but always stopped and wished they made a closed back and then… BAM. So I jumped on it. I am happy with the headphone. It’s perfect for what I need. :slight_smile: I noticed a pic Zeos posted and he has them. Will have to wait to see what he thought of them. :slight_smile:

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This set up is epic for the liric headphone. The new dac is a huge improvment over my old DAC. It woke up this headphone and the filters are great as well. After over a 30hr burn in the headphone did have a change but not a night and day difference. The lowes and the mids did get better. This headphone loves being on a desktop amp and dac. Used them out with my cell and then a dap but it did not sound the same. It sounded good and better than your normal portable headphone but not the wow I thought when I have it at home. I like they made a closed back and I can use them in the office when I go back from working from home. I still think this is a great first closed back from Meze even being at 2,000 USD but R&D is pricy. I over all love the headphone. :slight_smile:

Baby Yoda and Mando love it :grinning:


Update… Like Zeos said he wanted to start a family with the new Liric headphones in a vid in the FiiO M17 vid… Ya they get better after burn in and yep… the base and everything is great. These headphones are Epic.

P.S @ZeosPantera do the review on these dang headphones :smile:

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