Meze Rai Solo IEM

Seems pretty nice, just picked up the Rai Penta recently and this looks like it would offer much better bang for the buck


Damn the iem market…so many awesome units out there -$100-$1000

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Hmm I haven’t seen an iem in the -$100 range yet, but anticipating the future releases lol

The iem market has really taken off in recent years, and now manufactures have to compete with chifi

Definitely an interesting release, I remember liking the rai penta, hopefully the shell is as nice. “UPM” driver is a little weird but assuming its just a weird BA hopefully it’ll replace the Orion as single ba midfi king.

Looks very interesting, thanks for sharing.

It’s actually a single dynamic driver

Reallllly thinking about taking a chance on these.

They seem pretty nice for sure, but the competition in this price range with chifi is pretty huge, so there could be better bang for the buck out there imo, but I don’t know for sure

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Just ordered a pair of these from Bloom Audio, should be here at the beginning of next week. I’ve heard pretty good things about these, looking forward to checking them out :smiley:

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Well hopefully you enjoy them, curious to see how you think they hold up