Meze Rai Solo IEM

Seems pretty nice, just picked up the Rai Penta recently and this looks like it would offer much better bang for the buck


Damn the iem market…so many awesome units out there -$100-$1000

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Hmm I haven’t seen an iem in the -$100 range yet, but anticipating the future releases lol

The iem market has really taken off in recent years, and now manufactures have to compete with chifi

Definitely an interesting release, I remember liking the rai penta, hopefully the shell is as nice. “UPM” driver is a little weird but assuming its just a weird BA hopefully it’ll replace the Orion as single ba midfi king.

Looks very interesting, thanks for sharing.

It’s actually a single dynamic driver

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Reallllly thinking about taking a chance on these.

They seem pretty nice for sure, but the competition in this price range with chifi is pretty huge, so there could be better bang for the buck out there imo, but I don’t know for sure

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Just ordered a pair of these from Bloom Audio, should be here at the beginning of next week. I’ve heard pretty good things about these, looking forward to checking them out :smiley:


Well hopefully you enjoy them, curious to see how you think they hold up

So any updates good sir?

sorry for the late response, just posted my thoughts in another thread… figured I would drop them here as well for those interested.

Neutral with a focus on upper mids. Not really V shaped as they don’t have the bass bump that v shaped is known for. But still has very tasteful bass presentation with a fair amount of detail due to the upper mids focus. Slightly above average sound stage with some fairly decent depth. Really love my pair and by far are the most comfortable and best built out of all my IEMs. Worth noting that this pair also saw a lot of benefit from burn-in, about 75 hours or so. Noticed some harshness in the treble region calmed and smoothed out quite a bit and the bass extension improved noticeably after burn in.

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Just want to add that after more use the last two months since my previous post these have still been changing a lot. I now can hear more of that meze house sound signature they are known for and they sound slightly more vshaped than my initial impressions. overall these things definitely benefit from burn/break in, I’d say this is the most significant case of burn in I’ve ever witnessed.

Also currently listening to them through my RNHP and they sound so good on this amp, seems like they scale well with higher tier amps.

Really good review, although I don’t really know what he’s on about when he says the mids are recessed… because I sure can’t hear it. I normally use comply t-400 on mine but I even switched to the stock silicone that he used for the review and yeah maybe a tad more recessed than the complys but nothing as drastic as he described.


I think this is useful. I’m really excited to hear these because of how they are similar, kinda, to the tapes:

Looks to be less shouty with more emphasis on clarity. Should be good imo… Will try to pick some up for comparison.

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Ok, these are legit, however…I am running them with a few db less at 4k and basically perfecto lol. Like I’ve tried burning them in and tip rolling and whatever I tried I could not tame that peak. These are much easier to EQ than my Tapes and they are actually comfortable compared to them. The bass is rather nice on these. Similar to my EX800st, but slightly more emphasized. These do not have the soundstage tho so they are not wunderkin or something lol. But good detail and balance with looks sells imo. :smiley: I may try more burn in, but for now I can justify the purchase, which I couldn’t before the 4k tweak LOL.


Nice I really like my pair. How many hours of burn in do you have so far and have you tried using foams? I use Comply foams myself.

Ive used linsoul ribbed foams, they are good, but not quite enough. Ive got about 10hrs outside of listen time. Ive got about 5hrs of listen Time.

So with the change to the horn shaped tips these are a win for me. Tonally they sound better and are not as intense. These are in the same vein as P1 or Tape, but now fit and sound for me these are superior. Will do a vid soon as the Solos could use some love. I think they have a place. Also I don’t EQ them now, even tho it further smooths them out for better longer listening. They have bass punch too which is what I was hoping for.
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Ramble over/


Is there a consensus about these v. the comparably priced FH5? I thought Currawong’s review was pretty damming, and he’s a big Meze fan.

is he a big fan of the rai penta’s or the noir/classics and neos?