Microphone/headphones combo help

I bought the “Fostex T50rp MkIII” and combined it with an “V-Moda BoomPro Microphone” and have huge issues with the microphone:
It’s super quite and has a lot of noise.

What I tried:

  1. Sticking the cables into the front entrances, the mainboad entraces and the entrances of my monitor. (no difference)
  2. Making use of my guaranteee for the “V-Moda BoomPro Microphone” (no difference)

I’m lost why the microphone is broken and tired of using “Pedalboard 2” (software) to filter out the noice and redo it multiple times a day, because the noise keeps changing and never gets better.

Please help me.

Headphones work fine correct, and do you already have an amp for the headphones? Also are you using windows?

I am using windows 10, I have no amp and the headphones themselves work perfectly fine, only the microphone has problems

In windows settings for the mic, have you boosted volume and gain through the windows control panel for the mic in? Also plugging it into the motherboard might give you less noise than plugging it into the front panel.

If you have done this and this is still an issue, there can be an alternate route to take, but it would cost money

I already tried boosting the sound, but the background noise get’s incredible strong and is hard to filter out.

There was no noticeable difference when I switched from motherboard panel to front panel

EDIT: I’m ok with things that cost money.

Well, you might want to get a microphone interface for your mic then.

Getting something like a UM2 and a safe phantom power converter like an antlion xlr converter or similar rode converter will fix the issue for sure. This will also give you better mic quality, and also allow you to get an xlr mic in the future if you wanted to upgrade. With this interface as well, you can use it as a dac and get a headphone amp like a magni heresy in the future if you wanted to improve your headphones performance (as the t50 benefit from more power). For now you would only need the interface and the adapter, and get an amp later if you wanted to.


Thank you very much.

That’s about 80€, is this really worth it?

Is there an alternative microphone which would do the job better for cheaper?

That is a good question. I am going to guess the answer is most likely no, but the cheaper alternatives can suffer from the same issue you are having right now. That setup that I mentioned would be extremely flexible in the future with lots of options.

If you wanted an alternative USB microphone (so no need for the interface), it would be a desk mount usb one to avoid potential issues. A samson q2u or blue snowball work very well for their price, and will not have the issues with noise, but they will not be headset mics. I would still consider getting an amp for your t50rp in the future as that can really improve the experience.

I will buy the XLR and interface as soon as possible and respond here once again, when I have testing results.

Thank you very much!

Hey there one question:

Do I need a 3,5 mm to 6,3 mm (1/4") converter? Neither the behringer UM2 nor the Schiit Magni 3 has a 3,5 mm plug as far as I understand.

Ah yes, my bad I just assumed the fostex came with one (from memory they did but it could have changed). A decent cheap one on Amazon will do the trick

Oh yes, totally forgot about the extra cable that already converts from 3.5 to 1/4", but that would be contrary to the reason I bought the BoomPro Mic ^^

Thank you for your fast response!

Now I need to hope, that the Antlion Audio XLR will come this or next week and not in a month x)

My bad, I thought it was just an adapter lol

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Please, could you explain to me why I need a xlr converter? I tried to read about it, but still don’t really understand it.

So with the interface, the mic xlr outputs around 48 volts (when phantom power is enabled), to help power condenser microphone capsules. The vmoda needs some power but not that much whatsoever, it typically needs around 3-5 volts to function properly. That adapter steps the 48volts down to a usable 5volts that’s safe for the vmoda

TLDR, mic needs small amount of power, interface gives too much, you need the adapter to reduce the power to something that won’t blow up your mic lol


Now I get it.

Thanks! :grinning:

Also, did you decide on getting the amp for your fostex?

I’m planning to buy it but most likely will wait one more month.

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Oh and I totally missed the point where the interface increases the volume a lot and almost blasted my ears.

What an experience :sweat_smile:

Ah the headphone out on the interface? There should be a volume control for it on the interface. Do you notice a quality difference compared to motherboard audio?