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I haven’t been paying attention to specs of latest sets but that 5.3Ω impedance is a new low for me…!

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I was just about to say the same thing, is that 5.3 Ω impedance real?! Holy crap!

Buy a iFi IEMATCH peeps put everything back to 16 ohms and sounds terrific

IFi gobar has it built in as well i believe

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One of the fresh new units that the T men have is called Tanchjim Space Lite. This unit is so new that it has not even been declared yet.

I made my first sound impressions using the same method I use for all other dongles, and I arrived at results that were simultaneously impressive and unsatisfactory for both the dongle itself and the VE Avani dongle.

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Yeah, I’m not buying gear just to run IEMs because manufacturers have decided to throw compatability standards to the wind. Once you’re talkin’ single digits count me out. :roll_eyes:

I see. I will test it with an iPod Nano 6 today and report back. How much power could it muster?

Gaming time!

Simgot EA500 has the fun and technical grades of B and B- in its stock form, red nozzled.
However, it’s not a AQ4, which is vibrating your guts after large caliber gun shots, or a tiny HM - which is a prodigy when it comes to technicalities both in music and gaming.


I hadn’t run into any issues up to this point. Every one of my sources pushed it to the absolute extent that their DAC chips would allow. The most recent iPod nano 6.

With a volume level of 50 out of 100, Joe Bonamassa’s Blues Deluxe is producing a sound that is between medium and high. In addition, the backdrop is completely dark. I can only hear tones with a bluesy feel.

Giorgio by Moroder provides a pleasant break from my trials. This song is fantastic, and the soundscape is quite expansive in your ears. His voice has a lot of texture, which is indicative of his advanced age. If you focus your attention, you may make out several distinct layers that lie beneath the main line.

Jawbone, a member of Snarky Puppy, is not an exception. The fact that funk music can be played with instruments that have metallic sounds added to them is a testament to the genre’s capability.

In spite of the fact that the source was somewhat old and had low driving power, I was able to enjoy a problem-free listening session with it. I can admit that it had no issues with the one digit impedance, and the proof is in my experiences with the MBA2022, Dethonray DAC, V30 Dac Off, and now the iPod nano 6.


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While I appreciate the info, I wasn’t worried about a lack of power so much as the fact that many amps, even if they can run that low, aren’t designed for it and it causes them to run in unstable conditions that potentially decrease their shelf life and long term viability. Not to mention the fact that an impedance rating that low means that any amp with an output impedance over 0.625ohms would likely cause changes to the FR of the IEM. It’s silly to me reward an IEM manufacturer with my money when they weren’t willing to take an extra few minutes to design an IEM meant to operate even close to industry standard specs. I’m not some dude who thinks any IEM below 16ohms is inviable and I own a couple that are under that, but once we’re talking about single digit impedance ratings (and not even high single digits in this case) the difference and potential issues aren’t small. It just shows a lack of forethought and design on the part if the manufacturer and I’m not paying for that. Everyone else is free to do so and I hope they’re great for those that do buy them.


Fostex, which is renowned with its high end TH line and intensively moddable Tp50 models, was up for the IEM category back in 2016. And the TE-02 WP model was crafted. WP is for waterproof. But don’t let yourself fooled with it’s name. The inital listenings you will be reading about its sound is quite opposite and it’s not related with summer, water sports etc.

Type: Dynamic

Frequency Response: 20 – 20000 Hz

Impedance: 16 Ohms

Sensitivity: 93 dB/mW

Max. Input: 50 mW

Cable Length: 1.2 m

The soundstage is so immersive and almost 240 degrees wide. Its timbre is neutral. Actually, I sensed a higher ceiling than I had previously seen in Letshuoer Galileo. However, Te-02 is missing the slam or punch of the low end in favor of a neutral listening experience. But David Gilmour is more than happy to have listened with that. So is the David Bowie, Millennium and Queen too (may Mercury RIP)

From modern budgets, clarity, 3D imaging, harmonics, details, layering, and texturing stand out. It will be compared with Salnotes Zero, Kiwi Ears Cadence, Truthear Hexa and Dunu TitanS.

I sense Tascam TH-02 potential with it and they required a huge amount of power to shine. Just thinking; why not TE-02 too? Keep your eyes peeled for its review.


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My initial impressions are positive on Letshuoer Galileo! Its balanced with higher-than-acceptable layering, and micro details as well. The soundstage is not as high as I would prefer for a stadium concert, but it is wide enough to provide me with fresh air.

These were the initial conclusions taken via ipad 10. Sorry, there won’t be the high power of dx300 in its review as mine is on the way to China…But I will get through it and use a powerful dongle or maybe SG1!


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