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This is the official thread for the Modhouse ARGON MkIII. This thread is for discussion and reviews.

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Hey everyone,

I know this is about the MKIIIs but I don’t want to create a topic for MKIIs and clutter the board up if I don’t have to.

I recently purchased a set of T20RP MKIIs and was wondering if an O2+SDAC was enough to really push Argons well enough to be worth sending them in. I have other headphones to listen to in the mean time so I’m not really worried about waiting a couple months for the Argons but more so I’m worrying if what I have for a setup is even worth the money to get the mod done.

Thanks in advance, everyone!

It’s actually about the Argons, mod of the T50RP MK3 by Modhouse, which I can’t wait for Ryan to send mine back.

About your T20RP MK2 I would really like tto help you out but I don’t know the T20RP that well, so I’ll let someone more knowledgeable answer

I don’t think it’ll “push” them though it will give them listenable levels of volume. Honestly though even if they aren’t driven hard, they’re still worth having and will only improve with future amp upgrades.

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Thank you! Are there any amps or dac/amps you would recommend in the $2-300 range that would give them the juice they require to really open up?

I may have gotten a really good deal on a Jotunheim+Balanced DAC so I may have purchased that with the intent of selling the O2 once it arrives. I hope that’ll be enough when I get the balanced mod done for the Argons when I send them in to push them. Z’s Reddit thing says they can push 7 watts through the balanced headphone jack so hopefully that’ll be enough. Either way, huge upgrade over the O2 so Woo!

Just to note that photo above are of the Mk IIs (which are what I have), not MkIII.

My daily at-home closed/semi-closed back. I use Yaxi TH900 Alcantara pads on it instead of ZMFs, felt like it made vocals a little more forward while not changing too much else.

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I ordered a pair too. I’m stuck between the topping DX3 pro vs a Jds Labs atom or liquid Spark with a sub $100 DAC

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Just wanted to point out the pic at for the discussion is for the MK II and not the MK III, as wyldegoosechase also mentioned earlier. I also have the modded MKII’s from Ryan but I am wondering about getting the MKIII’s as well for comparison. I personally have my MKII’s with the sheepskin pads from ZMF and find them a little more laid back until I crank up the volume.My HD-DAC1 gets to really pump them strong at high gain at about 4 o’clock on the volume know, so these are definitely power hungry. I would expect the MKIII to be the same in terms of power but I think the 789 will remove this concern once and for all. :slight_smile:

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I just put MK3 baffle rings on my MK2 T-X0 so it’s a hybrid of sorts, will be sending it to get converted. I also love the suede oval pads on this.

How open are these? Could I get away with using them while someone else is in the room trying to watch TV?

Easily, since you won’t be bothered by what I presume to be the horrible noise made by “TV speakers” (in addition to the watching which you mention) and the watcher/listener probably won’t hear what you have playing unless it’s cranked up to eleven and/or you’re very close based on my first-hand experience with my “Argon-like” T50RPmk3 mod which I frequently use in a more challenging environment.

The T50RP is described as “semi-open” but provides comparable isolation to many “closed” headphones.

As I understand it, the Argons are also more closed than regular T50s. Don’t have a pair myself (yet) so it’s all hearsay of course.

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My T20RP MKIIs arrived at Ryan’s house yesterday so I’ll have my Argons in just a couple months! My excitement level is fangirl-esque. I’m also super excited that I’ll have them back in time for Borderlands 3, which is off topic but hey.

Hey guys, its a bit off topic and im sorry for that. However, i would like to ask for your opinions/suggestions on what would be a good companion hp for the MK3 Argons. Open-back would be my preferred next hp as my Argons are already on their way and would like a new hp as my next goal which preferably would be an opposite of the Argon’s sound (in a positive way). Doesnt matter if its planar or dynamic. Budget will be between USD 400 - 1,000 (amp/dac excluded). Im planning to get a separate/amp dac and your suggestions will also be highly appreciated.

As im new to this hobby i try to listen to all kinds of genres of music so im not really limited to a particular type.

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Ok so let’s break down what the Argon’s sound signature is described as and try and find something that is the opposite but not in a negative way. The main points about the argon are they have huuuuge sound stage and very strong bass. They also are supposed to image really well. For my understanding, what you would want is something probably more intimate, with really clean highs or maybe even just a more neutral sound. From what I have seen in reviews I’ve watched, you may be interested in looking into Sennheiser HD600s. Alternatively, you could go to the base site Hifiguides.com and select the categories bright and neutral and look through those and see if any catch your eye. If they do, you could watch a couple reviews and see if they sound like a good fit for what you’re looking for.

I have mrkII’s and MRKIII’S made from T60’s and the aune X7s runs them well balanced.

JDS Atom amp with a Topping D10 Dac is a hell of a pairing for under $200.

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Anyone have a chance to compare the Argons directly to the ZMF Classics. I’m very curious what people think. I don’t think @ZeosPantera has ever reviewed the Classics (if he did, I missed it).

From my review on reddit:
"Certainly, the ZMF is smoother across the entire frequency spectrum. The ZMF sounds slightly warmer in the midrange due to the continual slope of the midbass, and the midrange is more present than that of the Argon. Sub bass is outright better on the Argon, as well as the mid bass - although there is more of it than the ZMF. Midrange of the Argon is pushed back slightly but is more precise and transparent than the ZMF, but is less euphoric. Upper-midrange and highs are far superior on the ZMF, with no big dips like on the Argon. Note that my Argons have the exact same treble mod I did to the Classics as they do sound ‘tizzy’ to me stock.

Overall, the ZMF Classic is more well-rounded headphone if you are into a kind of jack of all trades. The Argon is a bit more niche with its crazy bass and huge sound stage, but it is still very fun especially if you are into gaming. I will be absolutely keeping the Classics, but as with the Argons, I feel the Alpha Primes actually sound similar apart from the fact that they have smoother treble, cleaner midrange and less mid bass - so I will probably end up selling the Argon."