🔷 Monolith Liquid Spark Dac

This is the official thread for the Monolith Liquid Spark Dac

This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • USB, Coax, Toslink in, RCA out
  • AKM4493, XU208, 32/768

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Z Reviews…

Just poking around on Monoprice this morning and stumbled upon this:

Looks like a Liquid Spark DAC will be out this summer.



And to think it was supposed to drop January


That is if they will stay with that date, they keep on pushing it back. Lets hope for the best

all the Modius talk had me wondering about this guy and im not if it was there before but there’s an eta on the site now of 7/10/2020


I would be very curious to hear feedback on the LP DAC.

You may be waiting a while, the original dates on all the new Monoprice Liquid XXX stuff was in January.
I assume they’ve been having issues with manufacturing and shipping.

indeed…the delays have been disappointing to say the least.

I wonder how many will be so cheesed off with the release date being pushed back so many times they won’t give a darn when it is actually available. :stuck_out_tongue:

But wait, there’s more!

Liquid Platinum need something to sit on as well.

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It’s been pushed back too many times lol

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I mean, I’ll probably grab the LS DAC whenever it comes out. Do I need it, no, but Ive been very curious about it, and I remain curious. And I think the stack will look pretty haha

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my suspision is they are probably waiting on jds labs and schiit to make their move first.

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I don’t know. I’m sure the Liquid Spark DAC would be good, but the Modius / A3 stack…

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Most people that are gonna get this dac is to stack with the liquid spark anyway which isn’t the cleanest amp in the first place.and is a good $100 cheaper

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I mean that’s 400, while the spark + spark dac is going to be 200, but for some headphones the a3+modius is going to make more sense

So much of “audiophile” is visual. :smirk:

I wonder if it’s delayed due to licensing as well cause they are using cavelli’s name which I doubt cavelli ever designed a dac

I don’t think that’s exactly it, but cavalli isn’t known for being the most easy to work with guy from what I hear

going to actually keep an eye on this dac for reviews… I like my liquid spark amp so makes sense for me to look into the respective dac for the stack. Curious how it would perform in comparison to d10 or e30

Will have to be better than the d10 probably comparable to the e30.