🔷 Monolith Liquid Spark Dac

That would be nice considering e30 is more expensive.

They use the same dac chip. It comes down to implementation and how it is on the output phase. The liquid spark didn’t win us through their measurements but if this one can beat the e30 and possiblly the enog competition in this region is gonna be insane from both the dac side and amp side. We just need a good topping amp to pair with the e30 and a atom dac to come out and our jobs become Infinitely easier. It boils down to just picking up a stack

My guess is that it’s going to be solid, and an alternative to the e30 imo, just another different flavor

The topping l30 is apparently on the way and the atom dac looks pretty slick. All we need next is a good 100 dac from schiit imo

looks like they delayed it to october now lol. this is like the liquid spark amp all over again. watch them reverse it and make this a portable dac like they made the ampa desktop amp instead of portable


Just received a email from Monoprice today, the LS DAC is ready. Atlast

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Now the big question, sell the D10 and get the LS DAC, or sell the LS+D10 and buy the CTH+SDAC for the Elex…mmmm

I was kind of thinking the same thing. Sell the D30 in the office and pick it up or just wait to see how it fares?

Also waiting for some reviews, but even if it sounds the same as the D10 ill be happy as the stack will be complete. But think the CTH+SDAC is overall a better amp/dac

Maybe @ZeosPantera will have a review planned for this and the platinum variation? Would be nice to hear some comparisons as well. I love the liquid spark amp as well as liquid platinum so a corresponding dac would definitely be a nice addition in my opinion… but only if it’s actually good…

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I share your interest and hopes for the LS and LP dacs. I’m gonna need someone other than @ZeosPantera to tell me they sound good for me to believe it, though. Especially since he straight up admitted he’s terrible at DAC reviews and can’t hear the differences between them (I think it was the SMSL M400 review where he says that. I may be mistaken, it was recent though).

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well… alright then didn’t know that. I don’t see many fully review dacs as it is though let alone make appropriate comparisons with thorough explaination.

The LP dac will likely get reviews around the written review world in time. The LP amp got reviewed a lot and is well regarded, so I’m sure the dac will be of interest to many. The LS may or may not. Don’t know.

Mine came in. It’s a solid option for its price for sure.


are there any reviews by someone reputable?

Are you saying I’m not reputable?


I interpreted as he saying you are a nobody. You are obviously reputable, but you aren’t “someone”.


Ahhh much better. But, if I’m a nobody and Z is someone, I’d be very upset.


If it carries any weight, I value your opinion, bud :call_me_hand:


I just see it as him asking the question and nothing to do with your post prior. I would say with your post you stated your opinion about it, but you didn’t do a full on review of it. I think it was just bad timing is all.

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I don’t feel a full review is warranted here honestly. It’s a solid $100 dac that aesthetically matches the liquid spark amp. Not bad at all, not gonna blow anyone’s mind, just a solid, cheap, good looking (imo) dac. No need to yammer on for a half hour about it.