Monoprice M570 is out, anyone have a listen?

I cant believe it. The Monoprice M570’s are out and they look just like Sendy Aiva’s lol. The Sendy Aiva’s are 600$ headphones that sound like 1500$ headphones and have been copied many times since they’ve been out but at a much cheaper prices. I own a pair and they sound marvelous but i would like to send them back and get one of these cheaper versions. Blon has done the B20 350$, Takstar did the HF580 200$ (bad Z review) and now Monoprice with the M570’s. Has anyone heard these? Do they sound like the Aiva’s?

let’s hope we hear from early adopter soon. :slight_smile:

My guess is that they will sound fairly similar or like the blon, but I don’t know for sure

Think that’s a bit of an over-exaggeration imo lol, but the sendys are pretty good

well i’m going by what Z said. whats your estimation of their worth?

What they go for imo. Around the 500-800 (850 would be pushing it) range for the whole package. I think they are very enjoyable and have a good signature with better then average detail, but I do think other headphones in that range kinda edge it out in sound. The build is really good though and can rival more expensive headphones.

I dont care about build quality, and forget about what they come with please, what other headphones for the 500-800$ range sound as good as these with this much detail?

Elex, and it has more detail, you could find a used hd800s perhaps in that range if you get lucky. You could get some used zmf for a good price as well. Dt 1990s also is an option

i’d rather avoid used, but ive been thinking about the DT1990’s but i worry about that treble peak. how much did the elex go for whan it was available?

700 usd if I recall correctly

Also if you are somewhat sensitive to treble the 1990 might not be ideal

did you guys see the picture? they have perforated ear pads. doesnt that mean they are more neutral?

Not necessarily, it depends on the headphone how it will react and change the sound

I think I would spend the extra $50 and get the Blon’s. they look much better with the wood. these M570’s look like they replaced the wood with plastic. :stuck_out_tongue:

But it is wood lol. It’s just darker

i got the blon b20’s coming. I just ordered the M570. I think when i get the b20’s i’ll just send them back to Drop. I trust Monoprice. They are a known brand in the field. Who’s Blon? I’ve never heard of them before, they dont even have a website. All they’ve done is copy the sendy aiva’s.

Monoprice has shown consistent good judgement for a while now. Their headphones are well reviewed. They embraced THX and put out a amp. And they are making a aiva clone. I’m keeping my eye on this company. They seem to have good judgement and their act together.

They are great at getting cheap products out that are good. I don’t think they are a role model company, but I would trust their products more then some unknown new brand unless that brand is an offshoot of a more established brand. I do think unknown brands can make great products, I just worry about warranty and availability with small brands

Blon appears to be a Linsoul line as it’s a product optoin on their site.

Yeah, I would trust something from linsoul imo. They seem to be a quality distributor

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Monoprice to me is like the EVGA of audio consistently good products with amazing support holding them

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they seem like a economical company too. maybe a little bit like drop. at least in this situation

I’ve had a sketchy experience with their support, but did get it resolved in the end